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Do you have a work journal? Consider starting a journal to track your daily activities and making note of important activities you encounter through the day. A journal will come in handy when you need to recall the events of a specific day.

No matter what you do give it a try if you are not journaling already. 

(Note - this article was originally written by Drake Settsu and published on in January 2014)

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A little black book I call it.

That will do.

I hope it doesn't have to be a book because i do some similar activity on my tablet. As it can be password protected, I really don't want anyone peeking ;)

It can be a device or paper. The main thing is to record important daily activity that you might need to look at in the future.

I have a note book that I do write in. I sometimes use One Note but mostly handwritten notes.

My journal, I take it everywhere with me at work. I put my meeting notes in there and notes from conversations. It really helps you out weeks latter when you are looking for information and can pick up your journal to retrieve it.

I have two actually, the public one that can be viewed by anyone in the project, and the private one where I really say what I think. I need to review both because the private one contains some key information on particularly stakeholders or issues in the project that one doesn't want to make public.

I only have a private journal for my eyes only. I like the two journal concept that you practice Sante.

Yes Drake, and my private one is in the cloud, like Google Drive but more encrypted; can't have it laying around the workplace ;-)

I agree Sante.

I think sticky notes or a book or a specific file (maybe even separate computer) -- whatever it takes - organization is the key. Just make sure it works for you.

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