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"I wish I had me when I was you..." That expresses precisely how I feel each time a project manager or PMO leader tells me a story about their frustrations encountered while trying to create effective and sustainable change, build (or fix) a PMO, or deliver projects successfully. I always think to myself…I wish I knew then what I know now. I’ve made it my mission to share with you everything that I have learned while creating change and building PMOs in both large and small organizations for the last 24 years, many of those years as an employee in the "hot seat" responsible for building internal capability. I’m hoping these articles help you along your journey as you continue to evolve and develop skills and techniques to be the high-IMPACT leader you are meant to be. Learn more at

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Hot Topic: Stakeholder Engagement

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Thank you to all who answered our recent survey questions! Based on the feedback, stakeholder engagement is a hot topic. Let me help you drive high impact results via stakeholder engagement. Here are a few very informative articles that can help you build stronger and more productive relationships with your stakeholders.

People Are Not Resistant to Change Learn 6 ways to effectively bring stakeholders through change.JPEG image-BC7BD3CEE580-1

Dealing with Difficult Stakeholders Discover 8 simple steps to managing stakeholders (even the difficult ones).


Happiness: The Secret Sauce for Productivity Find your secret sauce and the break the paradigm of the unhappy majority.

Lessons in Stakeholder Management from Mr. Rogers Apply Mr. Rogers principles to engaging stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.

These are simply a few of the strategies that will give you the ability to build more productive relationships with your stakeholders helping you to drive high-impact results and Get. It. Done. Don't worry, there is more on the way. Coming soon I will be offering a full repository of tools, templates, and training that helps you to effectively leverage your resources and develop your own capabilities to deliver superior and sustainable results consistently, driving ever higher return on investment.

Stay tuned!

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Thanks for the article. I followed it to your blog and read the Mr Rogers blog posting - the #1 reinforcement/take-away is 'people are self focused' - realize that and capitalize on that - great insight - thanks

Good article, Laura and thanks for sharing.

Looking forward to some of these deliverables, Laura. I'm sure these will offer great insights to me, especially with some of my recent changes. Thanks!

Excellent article, Laura.

Thanks for the tips, Laura! I'll have to check out your linked blog posts.

...vielen dank...

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