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To follow up on my December post which talked about project management in unexpected sectors, the January PM Network has two such articles: One refers to the profession providing benefits to large law firms; the second talks about projects in the fitness industry.

Let’s first visit the gym. There are few aspects of life that are not being affected by digital disruption. The health club certainly is meeting high-tech head on, and that means projects! You don’t have to bench-press huge amounts of weight to be involved. Gyms are employing project teams to revamp their equipment offerings for a digital age.

For example, fitness clubs are starting to offer class streaming as a way to provide fitness to those not at the gym. Virtual reality is being employed to give a more involved experience to exercisers. Club executives are using devices to monitor their machine usage and thus tailor the machines to customers’ expectations.

So there are lots of projects in this sector. And the growth numbers are rather, shall we say, muscular: The connected gym equipment market is expected to grow from US$121 million in 2016 to US$762 million in 2021. Global health club market value is predicted to grow 4.3 percent annually to US$90 billion by 2021, with India, Brazil and China being hot spots.

From the gym we go to the law office. Big law firms have employed project managers for a long time in operations and IT. Now they are hiring practitioners to focus on legal matters. This is shifting case management to project managers, freeing lawyers to address substantive legal questions. Adoption is slow among law firms but project management’s rise in this field is likely to continue. This is because of the need to control costs, bring in efficient processes and undertake tasks like evaluating software.

And sometimes clients demand that project managers be placed on their cases.

Do you work in an industry that one would not expect project management to be a factor? Please use the comments to share your story.

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I can't think of an industry that does not requires project management - I work in a PM extensive industry.

I agree with Rami, though I never thought of law firms utilizing project managers other than IT related projects.

It's interesting that some law firms are treating each case as a project. Llegal project management.

Project Management extends through most industries, whether it is seen that way, uses formal project management practices, or has project management professionals.

Dan -

Project management is one of the secret sauces to successful change. As no company or industry these days can avoid change, right-sized, disciplined project management is a must.


Let me say: I worked on projects in both industries. So, I do not understand what you say "unexpected sectors".

No matter what field you work in, or what industry, the concept can and will be applied everywhere.

I don't get the "unexpected sector" parts?

I consider that the projects in unexpected sectors, should not surprise us, nowadays the business is business no matter which is source of income, if they intend to improve their expectations and incur their operation with new projects, it is welcome, we leave our area of comfort.

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