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The character Winston Wolfe aka "The Wolf" from the movie "Pulp Fiction" is what every Project Manager should be like. Exude confidence, not arrogant, in control, charismatic, accountable, and able to respond fast.

Project Managers are called upon to deliver results on-time within a budget. They are under pressure to get the job done. You could come across at times as a bossy Project Manager when dealing with sensitive people. Some people just get offended when you deliver your orders to them. Deal with these people by making some adjustments to your style to reach them better so they don't feel offended. You have no time to make enemies when you are on a tight deadline. Don't play hardball with these people. Get them onboard with you. If they are a lost cause dump them, because you have no time for pretty please with sugar on top of it. 

Always keep your composure. You are the center of focus with everyone relying on you to direct them.


(Note - this article was originally written by Drake Settsu and published on in July 2015)


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Actually a year earlier Harvey Keitel played "Victor the cleaner" in the movie Point of no return". Very similar character. Some good points in this post Drake, thanks..

I don't see myself as a decision maker/implementer. I see myself as a facilitator/coach, helping people make and implement decisions.

Good analogy Drake - certainly the focus of the character's profession wasn't ideal, but he does have attributes which a PM could learn including his being a natty dresser!

When I teach PMP prep courses, I always say that a PM needs to act like the CEO of their project - large & in charge!


Good points, Drake. I would rather be collaborative then directing.

If you can not handle pressure under stress, project management isn't your field.
Great Post Drake.

Thank you everyone for your feedback.

Thanks for the hints.

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