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Categories: Agile, Scrum

Jeff Sutherland launches the Scrum@Scale Guide!

Check it out - HERE 

Jeff recently stepped down as CEO of to focus on spreading Scrum and Scrum@Scale. 

"Scrum@Scale is a framework within which networks of Scrum teams operating consistently with the Scrum Guide can address complex adaptive problems, while creatively delivering products of the highest possible value. These “products” may be hardware, software, complex integrated systems, processes, services, etc., depending upon the domain of the Scrum teams."

I'll be very interested to see how Scrum@Scale 'compares' to SAFe as both continue to mature. 

Posted on: February 11, 2018 12:04 PM | Permalink

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Thanks Andrew, for sharing the Scrum@Scale Guide!.
Looks like a good article.

Great minds think alike. I just came across this earlier. Thanks Andrew.

Here's the real question - will he offer an S@S certification?

Not that I am looking for more acronyms, but there are certifications for SAFe, LeSS, and SPS.

I'm not sure how I feel about one of the last notes in the guide - that it should be rolled out across leadership, legal, HR, etc, if he means that Scrum is the only approach that should be used. In an organization that uses scrum, all stakeholders should understand it. I just think that there are relatively few organizations that can use Scrum and nothing else.

Thanks, Anish, Sante, and Eduin.

Aaron, It was only through a newsletter that I found out about this, and yes, I see there is now a Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner certification. Very interesting indeed.

Sigh - there's too much Balkanization of scaling agile approaches happening. S@S will now start vying with SAFe, Nexus, LeSS, DAD, and a slew of others...

Perhaps I should launch my own and call it KiSS - Kiron's Scaled Scrum :-)


Haha, good one Kiron! It is an interesting landscape.


I took similar certification recently (Scaled Professional Scrum - SPS) and the Guide for this was established by Ken Schwaber - It is called Nexus which is basically Scrum at Scaled or Scaled Scrum.

I think it is the same concept as the guide you referred to above.

Thanks, Rami. And kudos! Yes, agreed. Ken was still part of when Nexus was introduced, so would not be surprised at all for the overlap. So the questions are; what is the distinction then.and why go for one over the other? At the moment, I'm inside the SAFe :)

I actually looked at all certifications before I decided to go with the ones for so many reasons. I honeslty and besides my experience, learned a lot by going through those certifications.

Not to mention Rami that certificates are signed by the co-creator of Scrum.

One issue Andrew is they have no training outside the US for SaS.

@Rami - No doubt!

@Sante - is new, and for now, worth keeping an eye on. If I was pressed for the cert, I'd go with SPS for now. I'd say give it time, and there will be international training, but like the model, it is only suggested, not required for sitting the exam.

Yes makes sense Andrew. The SPS looks pretty good anyway. I think is a better qualification in terms of assessing skills, value for money and association with actual Scrum founders than Scrum Alliance, even if the latter is more recognized (for now).

I fully agree with Sante.

@Andrew: I enjoyed so much going through the SPS material and learned a lot. The exam was pretty difficult too and scenario based for the most part but I enjoyed it too. You have to answer 40 Questions in 60 Minutes. I would encourage you to do that and the PSM I. I just did the PSPO I for my own personal development.

@Rami - good feedback. I am very interested in applying scrum practices at scale. With clients now adopting, implementing, or utilizing SAFe, I'll most likely be going that route shortly.That said, I am a fan of and will continue to follow.
As for the PSM, if you remember, I went that route last fall :)

@Andrew: Yes, of course I remember. Sante reminded me too after he went that route and then I followed after Kiron :D

Kiron opened my eyes too on Disciplined Agile.

More and more flavour of Agile/ scrum

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