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Categories: Communication, Leadership

I want to share with everyone hear my article in this months PM Network, 'Open Doors' (March 2018, page 25). It is an article on the importance, value, and benefit of transparency in project management. 

How do you use transparency in your projects? 

(Click on below to open article)

Open Doors

Posted on: March 03, 2018 08:28 AM | Permalink

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That is awesome Andrew. Congratulations.

Transparency is very important as it fosters trust and team building.

Good insight on project transparency.

Transparency brings responsibility and makes clear the project context to the entire team.

Thanks for sharing!

Great stuff Andrew. It's a major component of Agile projects; any project.

Congratulations on publishing the article, Andrew! Too often, vital information on projects is kept cold in information refrigerators.

Congrats, Andrew and thanks for sharing this.

Congratulations Andrew on writing a wonderful article. Would love to hear the tool you used.

Good article Andrew!

Transparency is so important in project management.

Thank you, everyone. Absolutely, agree with all your comments. You cannot play chess in the dark.

Najam, it was SharePoint. I had created project sites where all artifacts were readily available, discussion boards, status, health, etc. I would create a dashboard effect on the home page for an at-a-glance view, with the schedule timeline view, charts and diagrams depicting a burndown or overall state. I also would sync my MS Project schedule with the site's task list to have a 'live' status of events, providing a view of late or upcoming on the home page. Anyone could see the project status simply by clicking the URL link. With notifications and subscriptions, primary team members and stakeholders would get updates when content or discussions were added or updated.

You are the SharePoint master Andrew. That is an awesome tip.

Thanks Andrew, nice article.

Transparency is needed, yes sending everything to every one is not transparency.

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