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Management support for remote working teams is so important in today's Agile organizations. To learn more, please read my latest article in PM Network (March 2018) on page 27 entitled Remote Support by clicking the image below.

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Good article Sante.

Snate, thank you for sharing a great article and a topic which is usually neglected in organizations with remote workers.

Very informative article, Sante and thanks for your insights on this.
Good Job!!

Great Article Sante, Good Effort - Cheers

Thanks Drake, Najam, Anish and Rami.

Najam, unfortunately it is true, especially when I was doing projects overseas. What I encountered was stiff opposition within management to release control over some aspects of these managing employees.

We both have articles in the March issue! I was waiting to see if anyone noticed :)

You bring up valid points - support from both human and technology perspective. There are many tools available, though larger organizations are having trouble integrating.

Great article Sante!

Like I posted recently on LinkedIn, we shouldn't blame dispersion & remote distribution for poor project results.


Andrew, yeah it's weird we ended up on either side of one page :-) The biggest issues I found with migrating office workers to a remote solution was technology issues as you say, management/organization support and isolation. I wrote a thesis on it, but in a nutshell, if a company is going to make the effort in committing to this kind of program (and save money and increase productivity at the same time) they should also invest in better technology, management training and HR efforts to combat isolation and sometimes more critically, depression.

Kiron, good point. It's surprising how many managers play the blame game with remote workers. What ticks me off is that they (managers) aren't putting remote workers on the same footing as office based workers to make it an even game. And even when it is pretty even, there is still a propensity to favor workers they can see face to face on a daily basis.

Sante good article,

Corporation and leader should improve on remote worker support, promotion... The blame if any maybe on the organisation side.


We have adopted SCADA system, it is been widely used in remote control and support does this kind of system fit under your topic

Thanks Riyadh, we used good old Teamviewer, but to be honest the issue wasn't remote control management, it was remote human management issues ;-)

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