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Scrum with Kanban

For those of us who work with Scrum, we may have already begun to blend in practices to better foster efforts or adoption within our specific environment. I'd bet that it is not a far stretch that some of this blending is with Kanban practices, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Practices like a Kanban board, setting WIP limits, and creating Sprint Goals. 

And so with that…

It was recently announced that Scrum.Org will officially release a Scrum with Kanban course. This course will also offer a certification path. The intent is to teach individuals to use Kanban practices within a Scrum framework. 

As they prepare to make the course generally available, Scrum.Org has created the Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams, which can be found on their website in the Kanban resources section. There is also a podcast available on the new announcement with some further insights. 

"Kanban’s practices don’t require changes to the Scrum framework as defined within the Scrum Guide, making them complementary for software delivery teams to further guide their empirical and adaptive processes. Unlike standard Kanban classes, Scrum with Kanban will show Scrum Teams how they can introduce additional practices from Kanban, while continuing to work within the Scrum framework."

It is great to see the recognition of the adoption landscape and the adaptation to continuously deliver valuable content and resources to the community. 

What are your thoughts? Is this a good move and valuable offering to the community?
Do you…
Plan to continue growing alongside the community?
Read the guide, possibly look to take the course and certify?

Posted on: March 10, 2018 08:17 AM | Permalink

Comments (19)

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I did see that recently Andrew. It's interesting. Just wondering why they felt it needed a certification? Thanks for the update.

Is this a good move and valuable offering to the community?

Introducing Kanban to any framework means visualizing work, Limit WIP, Focus on flow and continuous improvement, so it's a great move.

But does it really require a separate certification, hmmmmm. That's debatable.

Andrew -

Scrumban has been around for a while and provides an alternative transformation path for delivery teams so when I get a moment I'll need to check the new Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams to see if it covers anything which hasn't already been addressed by Corey Ladas and Ajay Reddy...


Thanks, Kiron! Yes, no doubt. I realize this is not a new concept, but still felt it would be valuable to share it out with the rest of the community. It may simply be that now sees the benefit in officially recognizing it, laying the groundwork for others out there looking for solutions.

Thanks Sante,
Thanks Najam.

The necessity of a separate certification could be debatable, though as an option in their community can be of value to individuals or an organization.

Andrew, we are all with, a great organization :-)

I use Kanban and thanks Andrew for sharing this. I think it's a very good move.

This is interesting. Thanks for sharing Andrew.

Anish, Rami, thanks for your comments. I agree.

A very interesting comparison between Scrum and Kanban and a good piece of learning in a nutshell - from a SW dev perspective - can be found on Youtube.
(Disclosure: I am not associated with the author, just really like his way of explaining).

btw: Please feel free to provide your quick vote on my poll on mobile device and PM tool usage - I still need a few more participants to reach my target of 50 voters

Interesting news, Andrew. Would this have any impact on the PMI-ACP certification, itself? Not only in terms of study areas, but also in terms of the effectiveness of PMI-ACP.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing

Can't wait. Great news. Thanks for sharing!

Andrew, thank yuo for sharing. As Sante asked for, why they think a new cert is necessary ?
Thanks again !,

Nico - Thanks for sharing the video. I've watched his videos before. Good stuff. I went to your poll, but it was closed.

Karan - To be honest, I'm not that familiar with the details of the PMI-ACP. There may be overlap, though, the ACP is more generalized on Agile Practices, while the Scrum Master certs or more specialized. I would not think that either cancels out the other.

Guillermo - I cannot answer that question for them. But I would bet that if they feel necessary and valuable enough to produce a class and materials, they want to provide an opportunity for those who attend/study to validate and showcase their learnings. Additionally, they must feel as maturity increases, there is more of a demand for flexible and blended practices.

Again, this is conjecture. I am not officially associated with Scrum.Org.

Andrew, I agree maturity and demand are the drivers. Thank you for your thoughts an bringing the topics on the table !!

I'd go with Kiron. Scrumban is out there for quite some time. So's approach sounds to me like someone wants to make some quick bucks with adding a new buzzword to the existing one.

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