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We’re about to end our month on Procurement and it looks like there is just enough time to take a different angle than just telling a vendor what you want. Try adapting to what they provide.

So say you have a consultant group who has the expertise to control much of its own work. Don’t just treat the members as interchangeable temps. Use their expertise in getting their own job done with less monitoring for you.

  • Work with the group to plan its integration into the rest of your project.
  • Be ready to adjust your work schedule depending on the consulting group needs, especially if they have their own project management process and techniques. You pay for their expertise, so avoid micromanaging and leave space for their successful modus operendi.
  • Be ready to defend this position against those who want process consistency across the board, perhaps even your PMO.
  • Be ready to take sme time and discuss your accomodations with stakeholders and others who will interact with the consultants.
  • Adjust your project controls to accommodate a semi-autonomous consulting group. Let them take on responsibility of policing themselves, but get reports to track progress. All issues must be tracked together, however, no favorites here.

Many are vocal about loving to hate consultants, but of you procure such a team, squeeze out all the value you can.

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Very interesting and informative article, thanks for sharing

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