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5 Tips for Better Project Estimates [Infographic]

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When estimating feels like nothing more than a best (even educated) guess, how can you improve your project results? Great – or at least effective – estimating is something that can vastly improve your stakeholders’ confidence levels, help your team plan their work better and give you more chance of hitting your budget or time targets. So why does it feel so hard?

In this infographic I share 5 tips for making estimating that little bit easier. What other advice do you have for improving the estimating process with your team? Let us know in the comments!

You can read more about some of the ideas on this infographic in this article.

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Great post and points Elizabeth. Cheers !

Elizabeth, thank you for this infographi! It's clear and easy to remember the 5 tips.

Great Infographic Elizabeth, you have summarized very well the tips you presented in your previous article. Basically, for a good estimation, we need to be honest to stakeholders, project team and ourselves.

Great sharing!! As cost management plan, estimate cost and determine budget!!

Very informative. Thanks

Elizabeth, very good infographic with the tips. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing


Your five points is a great starter for discussing, creating and measuring the quality of estimates. Although implied within the five points, the estimating process and the deliverables should consider: A) industry standards. B) regional cost data. C) historical data for similar scope, duration and requirements. D) tailoring to the preparer's organization and the client's organization.


Thanks for sharing

Great info-graphic Elizabeth

Thanks for sharing Elizabeth!!

Thanks for all your comments!

Very useful tips for estimating with captivating infographics easier to understand.

Great things to remember and the graphical depiction is helpful too.

An excellent checklist. And a very beautiful one, too! Congrats!

An excellent infographic.
Thanks for posting

#3 is actually very true!!!!

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