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4 Steps for Managing Project Stakeholders [Infographic]

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I know, I know, we don’t talk about ‘managing’ any more. It’s now all about engagement.

However, when I asked a group of project managers from around the world last year, they told me that engagement wasn’t a term that meant a lot to their teams. Apparently, the practical world of doing project management has yet to arrive at the conclusion that engagement is where it is at.

So in this infographic I share a 4 step process for establishing who you are stakeholders are and how they are going to be involved. Is this similar to what you do on your projects? Let us know in the comments!

Infographics don’t typically have all the information you need to actually do the doing. As you no doubt know, there are whole books written about the processes for engaging and managing stakeholder relationships. For more background, you can read more about some of the ideas on this infographic in this article.

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Good article Elizabeth!

Good Post Elizabeth, I like the illustration.

I'm fan of your info graphics, after seeing one of yours, I learnt how to do it and use it in my workday slides (if applies).

I am curious, did you post the poll here?

@Mayte, that's great news on the graphics! No, that was a question I asked my email list and then followed up with some Skype calls.

Thanks for sharing Elizabeth. So much value can be added in through effective stakeholder management/engagement.

Very nice! Also a fan of using infographics as a way to visualize and simplify information.

Thanks for sharing Elizabeth, good article with nice visuals

Amazing presentation and its important for project management


Nice visualization of managing project stakeholders.

Thanks for sharing Elizabeth

I like the Infographic. Thank you for sharing.

Good article Elizabeth! Thanks

Thanks for sharing Elizabeth! The last step of promoting is probably one of the most under-appreciated steps of project management. You can spend a ton of time and resources on a project but if no one uses the final product or process (e.g. lacking promotion internally), then the project is not a success.

Always enjoy you infographic.
Love visual presentation

That's a good way to look at managing stakeholders.

Great post Elizabeth. A picture is worth a thousand words and you proved it. Purposeful engagement with all the project stakeholders is key to success and you nailed the four pillars of making that happen.

thanks a lot, good take on stakeholders!

One of the most important thing in the project management is stakeholder management. In Agile also we are giving more importance for business partners. Nicely narrated information. Thanks for sharing!

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