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Just came across this article in Inc. that I found interesting for a project team.

Nine points that have a positive impact on a team. You may already apply most of them.

- Listen carefully

- Show empathy

- Ask questions

- Encourage others to ask questions

- Empower your team

- Be a coach, not a problem solver

- Commend sincerely and specifically

- Make critical feedback constructive

- Show concern for the "person," not the "employee."

I found that the last five are the one that people have the most difficulty to put into practice.


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Good points for inter personnel skills!!!!

Thanks for sharing

Thanks a lot for sharing !!

Thanks, Vincent. The points you listed are paramount as an effective leader.

FYI ... Please check your link :)

@Andrew thanks, link fix.



Nice article. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Good points, thanks for sharing!!

Very important points, Vincent. Thanks for sharing.

It's a very interesting article, thank you for sharing with us!

Good points Vincent.

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