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If you're new to the community, welcome! If you're not new to the community, great to see you again! We've got some updates and information for you to make sure you have a great experience as you spend some time with us.

We've recently made some updates to our user guidelines that you'll want to know about and we've outlined the major updates below. You can also revisit this post which gives some really great information as to why we have them in place:

Links - We continue to ask that you not post unsolicited links or anything that can be considered promotional in areas of conversation within the community. This includes links to outside blogs, personal websites, courses you offer, etc. We have lots of opportunities for you to share your expertise and exchange knowledge with others, but putting a link in the middle of a discussion post is not the way to get anyone's attention. However, we think it's important for you to highlight your accomplishments. To do that, we ask that any links to a personal website or blog be added to the information section of your profile. This allows members to quickly find out more about you and your expertise. The update to the user guidelines provides more information around how to go about that in a productive way.

Privacy - Conversations in the community are always incredibly robust. There is so much that we get from talking to one another and you may have some very specific questions you want to ask someone, but you'd like to take that conversation offline. We get it - sometimes a phone call or an e-mail will allow you to provide more context around information. However, we ask that you not post your e-mail address (or any other sensitive contact information such as a phone number) in the areas of conversation within the community. If you want to reach out to someone, please use the private inbox feature right here within the community to continue the conversation. 

We encourage you to take some time and familiarize yourself with the updated user guidelines, which can be found here and at the bottom of every page.

As always, if you ever have any questions as to whether or not something is okay, just ask a Community Engagement Specialist! Just send us a message through the private inbox system and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Until then, we'll see you around the community!

Posted by Marjorie Anderson on: August 30, 2018 09:20 AM | Permalink

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Marjorie, thanks for the updates.

While I see the point behind putting a policy that limits the amount of EXTERNAL Links, I honestly do not see the point behind not allowing INTERNAL links and what I mean by that is the following:

If I post a question in the discussion thread and within this question I put a link that refers to a post on my blog on this platform too (Not an external link), is this against the policy and if yes, what is the point behind not allowing those internal links too ? I am really interested to know as it happened to me and two of our colleagues here recently where reference was to an internal link and yet, it was removed.

Thanks !

I was told that we could post internal links in the discussion provided it wasn't in the opening question. Confusing.

Thanks for the update Marjorie

Marjorie, Thanks for the highlights on the update.

Not sure I correctly understand it all.
Not post marketing stuff is clear and normal.
Link to some reference to facilitate discussion internal or external is?
Internal link to another discussion, article, a wiki is accepted or not?

Thanks for the comment, Rami.

If you're contributing to a conversation and you want to reference another content item or discussion relevant to the current conversation, internal (community or PMI.org) links are fine. We are specifically referencing outside links that can be categorized in any of the situations referenced the Use of Links section of the User Guidelines.

If you are not sure if something should be posted, just ask any one of the Community Engagement Specialists for clarity.

Hope that helps!

Hi Marjorie, Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it. This is what happened to me recently (and to other colleagues of ours too) :

I posted a question in the discussion thread dated August 08, 2018 under the title: Announcement for PM4NGO’s Certified Professionals. In this question, I was talking about those new certifications and in the same question, for more details, I posted a link that refers to an internal blog I recently wrote about those certifications. The link was an internal pm.com link and very relevant to the subject, yet, I was contacted by one of your team members informing me that I should not post links, even if internal links, if it is unsolicited for while it was very essential and relevant to the subject. I fully understand the external link policy and agree with it but what I do not really understand is this internal link policy and how what I did violates the link policy especially that it was an internal link and very relevant to the subject.

As you are aware, we do spend lots of time here on daily basis contributing, sharing, learning and trying to enhance, build and help grow this community so it is very important that we clearly understand those rules related to internal links because until now I can’t relate how my post violated the policies.

I was glad when I saw this post becasue this discussion is an opportunity for everyone to benefit and refer to it
in the future especially that this incident did not happen with me alone, but others as well.

Thanks in advance Marjorie. Cheers !

Same thing happened to me, and my link was an internal link also to one of my blogs.

Great discussion! Looking forward to clarity and consistent policy management. I think we can all certainly agree that whatever the decision and outcome, the intent is to enable contributors a clear path to do so.

I like the reminder about the easy "thank you", regarding the links, I like the idea of having a small brief before the link...however I think that the community should allow some exceptions

Regarding links, how does policy react to providing a link which members can follow to a web survey that captures data for a PhD study?

Thank you so much for all the efforts you're doing to give more clarity and consistency to the policy management of the important PM website. The only goal is to enable members to contribute with equity and neutrality, without favoritism.

Let's hope we hear back from Marjorie soon !

As a point of note, if anything is considered self-promotional (internal or external), community staff reserves the right to moderate the post in accordance with the user guidelines and user agreement. That said, if you have a question regarding whether a link should be posted, I urge you to reach out to any of the Community Engagement Specialists for clarity.

In terms of research surveys, we do not permit research studies/surveys to be conducted within the community unless it is specifically conducted by PMI Market Research or sponsored by PMI Academic Research.

We understand that you are proud of your accomplishments and want to display your expertise. For this reason, we highlight your contributions in your profile, incorporate your level of contribution and expertise into your influence score, and have made amendments to our user guidelines to make it easier to show relevant information that showcases all that you have to be proud of. After all, your knowledge is what makes each one of you an incredible asset to the culture of this community! However, we must ask that all community members follow the user guidelines instituted for the success of the community and, if you have questions, please reach out to one of the Community Engagement Specialists.

I hope that clears things up!

Thanks Marjorie - Your statement above clears part of the issue but not all because the above case of self-promotion does not apply to the scenario that occured but anyways, at least I believe others now have a better understand of this works.

It is true that the knowledge is what makes each one a great asset to this community so meaningful contributions are key !

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