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I have covered 3D printing since 2016.  A recent accomplishment is visual confirmation as how far it has come and what is can achieve at this time.  Take a look at the below link and think about what is to come!   WOW


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Very Interesting. This is the 3D model for the house to be built but I also heard that there are studies for printing 3 D bones made our of certain material that can be used as a replacement in the human body. Have you heard about this ?

Now add to that the 3D Printing ability just introduced by HP - take a look-see

@ Rami - Yes I did hear of that AND how they are taking an individuals DNA, creating actual cells for a 'replacement part' putting that in a 3D printer and getting the output. That won't be rejected by the body since it was made from identical cells. I AM IN SHOCK with all that is going on in this and the other 11 hot and emerging technologies!!!

I wish they could 3D print consciousness. Or would that be 4D? :-)

Sante, that would be 10 D like the new iPhone X

3D printing is going beyond the expectations! What an amazing creation! Thanks for sharing.

@ Georgia That takes metal printing to a new level!!!

Rami, yeah I want the 10D plugin :-)

I can not help but to take a step back and just think for a moment about all the advances in technology I have posed on here.And that is far from all that has gone on. We are advancing far faster than I and many other had imagined!!! As a strategist,consider the challenge of thinking what's next!

I agree with you Kevin, it is unbelievable - Spreading like fire in a wild bush.

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