PMO...Who, What & Why...?

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Fouad has 13 years of planning experience in cement and glass industry. Over five years of experience managing projects, operations, contracts, and personnel. His work experience includes short and long term planning, project management, contracts and procurement, data analysis, claims adjudication and business writing. Fouad was a certified in 2015 as a Project Management Professional. Search to answer the big question "Life is a big project...How we can successes in it...???"

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Amazing presentation!!! Thanks!!!

This is great, Thanks!

Very good! Thank you so much!

Thank you for sharing! This is really awesome.

Looking to good to see the PMO engagement in numbers! Thanks for sharing!

Nice Chart although I do not fully get what you mean by "Implement PMO".

Thanks for all comments...!
Hi Mr. Kaibni, Setting Up a PMO – Just Another Project; "Implement PMO" means setting up the four phases:
1. Current State Analysis.
2. Design Phase Defines Areas of Responsibility and Resource Requirements.
3. Implementation Phase Puts Plans into Action.
4. Regular Operations Follow the PMO Setup.

Interesting presentation of the statistics

Nice infographic.

Informative infographic on PMO engagement. Thanks for sharing.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing

thanks for sharing

I like this infographic. Please share details of sample used in the survey. Thanks.

Hi Mr. Kumar, This infographic powered by PMAlliance, Inc.

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