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October Book Club

We are excited to announce the ProjectManagement.com October book club! The book club provides an opportunity to participate in webinars and discussions around selected books relevant to the overall practice of project management. The book club occurs in three parts:

  1. Opening pre-recorded webinar which will be used to introduce the book. During this 30 minute pre-recorded webinar, the author will provide a high level overview of the concepts in his/her book, familiarizing participants with the information.
  2. Discussion thread on ProjectManagement.com with input from the book club host and author. During the last week of the discussion, questions will be collected to present to the author in the closing webinar.
  3. Closing Q&A live webinar with the author responding to questions submitted both through the online book club discussion thread and during the webinar. The webinar will be a panel style discussion with open dialogue between the moderator and the author.

The first 25 PMI members registered for the closing book club webinar will receive a complimentary copy of the book and will be notified via email. Additional participants will have the opportunity to purchase a copy of the book at their own expense. 

All community members will be able to view the book club opening webinar and participate in the discussion forum. We will evaluate the content of each opening and closing book club webinar to determine the eligibility and breakdown for PDUs.   

Our book club book for October is The Practitioner's Guide to Project Management: Simple, Effective Techniques That Deliver Business Value by Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter is the founder and President of Competitive Edge Consulting. Inc. Lynda has extensive project management experience, which includes designing and delivering project management training programs as well as consulting with senior project management leaders in various industries in all aspects of project management.

Lynda is a lecturer in the both Math and Computer Science Department and the MBA program at Baldwin Wallace University.

Lynda has published articles and white papers, including: 

Gerri Hura and Lynda Carter. "71. Project Management." Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management. Vol. 1. N.p.: Wiley, 2012. 363-69. Print. Key Topics and Issues.

Lynda published: "The Practitioner's Guide to Project Management: Simple, Effective Techniques that Deliver Business Value". The book is currently being used in undergraduate classes and businesses to increase their practical knowledge of Project Management.

Lynda's most recent publication is "The Essential Guide to Facilitating Project Management Workshops". This is a must have guide to anyone doing collaborative planning.

About the book:

The Practitioner's Guide to Project Management provides simple, effective techniques in a way that encourages collaborative conversations with key resources and delivers business value. Book highlights include:

  • Foundational techniques - the value they provide and the questions they help answer
  • Role and responsibility clarity for key project players across the life of a project
  • Explanation of project management deliverables - their purpose, content and tips on how to create them
  • Recommendations for collaborative planning workshops
  • Answers to common questions about applying project management techniques

Our October book club host is Tolitha Lewis, PMP. Tolitha has been a PMI Volunteer Leader since 2008.  She was elected as a Director to the PMI Information Systems Specific Interest Group (PMI-ISSIG) in 2008 and served until the completion of the transition to a Community of Practice (CoP) in 2011. In 2012, Tolitha was appointed to the Leadership Team of the Consulting CoP, now referred to as the Consulting practice area, and has been a leader in the webinar program ever since. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Tolitha is a Sr. Project Manager.

To register for the closing live book club webinar, please visit the webinar page on ProjectManagement.com, find the book club closing webinar and click on the “Register for this webinar” link.

Please visit the book club information and discussion on the Project Management.com books page

For additional questions, please visit the ProjectManagement.com Book Club FAQ page.

Posted by Kimberly Whitby on: October 01, 2018 10:23 AM | Permalink

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Already Registered for the closing session - Thanks Kimberly.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Kimberly for sharing !
I have registered for closing book club webinar.

Will this be held again in 2019 please?

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