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Project Management is also a skills

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Project Management is also a skills

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Assalamualaikum & Good day to all,

It has been awhile i'm not write up any article in this blog. This time i would like to share some of my thoughts about project management skills. For me, the interesting part about project management is that, it is a skills which you can gain along the way while you handling any projects. But again, you also need to sharpen you skills by attending trainings, classes & attending any short course in project management. 

People may underestimate the job that related to Project Management but for me the mastermind for each of project to success is depending on how well the project management is being implemented in any project. People might not aware that they are handling projects in day to day of their work. But somehow, the skills that they implemented while handling project just coincidence and not refer to best practices such as translated in the Project Management Book. For me it is good guidance and reference inside PMBOK, it provides us with the correct method & technique in handling project.

For me, from time to time, you need to sharpen your skills in project management. Likewise for those need to gauge your capability in project management, you may enrol for PMP and PMI-RMP as what I did. It is a long journey for me to pass for both examination  that are PMP & PMI-RMP, but it is worth for me. It thought me that there are still a lot of things that you'd to learn in project management.

The knowledge in project management is wide which sometimes you'd never know the branches of it. I hope we continue to learn and sharpen our skills in project management and always look for reference from best GURUs in project management. 

Project management institute (PMI) definitely the best centre to provide you the knowledge that you need. By having member of PMI for many years, I have gained a lot of knowledge and I do learn from the best trainer that I got from online likewise free webinar and etc.

I hope we continue to share the knowledge among us & together we unite to bring "Project Management" as terminology that everyone need to know & made them know the importance of project management even in their daily life.

Kindly share your thoughts in comments & i hope we can continue sharing our experience in this

Thank You.

Posted on: October 20, 2018 06:01 AM | Permalink

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Very interesting, thanks for sharing

dear sir..thanks & i hope you can share your experience as well. TQ sir

Thanks for sharing.

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