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OK, the robots have not totally taken over all hiring functions, but there’s a fairly good chance that automation could play a role in winnowing down a stack of résumés to an initial cut.

What do you do? A little strategy is called for here.

As Lindsay Scott says in her “Career Q&A” column in this month’s PM Network®, today’s CVs must contain details that match the job requirements.

This means customization. Make sure your résumé emphasizes the same keywords as the job description.

“Take the first five roles and responsibilities the job posting mentions and tweak your profile, key achievements or recent experience to reference those requirements,” Ms. Scott says in her column. Then take your two most recent projects and use hard metrics such as budget and benefits delivered to complement the descriptions of your achievements with numbers.

Ms. Scott says the whole process of customizing should take 10 minutes each time you apply for a new job, and less than that in time. The approach also will screen openings for you to show if your experience truly aligns with those openings. If your CV doesn’t support each of the job’s top requirements, it’s time to move on to the next opportunity.

Check in with “Career Q&A” every other month in PM Network. Lindsay Scott will help you check all the right boxes to keep your career in growth mode.

What has your experience been with résumé customization?

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Dan, thanks for sharing excellent information. We need to tailor the resume every time based on the job requirements. Let's see how robots are changing our life.

It is indeed a very interesting subject for discussion and very true. Although I was not a big fan of tailoring the resume each time I used to apply for a job but I had to do it once or twice.

In US there are around 100-200 job applicants for an online job opening, that’s also because of the great mobility of workers. That’s not the case everywhere, for instance in Europe the numbers may be much smaller. But then it is clear that automation is needed to sift through such a high number of resumes. I was told several times by recruiters that when applying to a job online in US, there is always automated tool to asses the fit. Tailoring the resume is then a necessity.

I'm more in tailoring the presentation/ motivation letter then the resume.

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