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The Victory Over Difficulty Report

Continue your certification as PMP holder

Project Management is also a skills

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Hi & Good day to all,

There a lot of things that you can do to collect hours for your require to renew your PDU. For me it is what you doing on daily task in your job. Many things that you do that related to project management can be registered in the PDUs. The total PDUs requires for PMP is 60 PDUs. As member for PMI, you can upload & register your PDUs via online.

The activities that can register in the PDUs like training, technical meeting, facilitator, project meeting and etc. However all the PDUs shall cover in Education & Giving Back. For me i have conducted many trainings for the pass 3 years, so most of PDUs captured for renew my PMP certification is from training that i conducted. Apart from that, whenever you giving back via training you actually learn more & giving you more depth in understanding the project management knowledge area. The PDUs element captured as below & breakdown in details in the criteria;

  1.  Education
    • ​​Leadership
    • Technical
    • Strategic & business
  2. Giving Back
    • ​​Work as practitioner 
    • other giving back

You'll definitely can have better understanding the PMBOK itself & sometimes the question from trainee is something that you're not think aware of it before. This actually provide new spectrum of understanding on project management based on Q&Q during the training.

Among other activities that you can register for PDUs is any day to day activities as such attending meeting, conducted discussion, informal training i.e reading books and etc. However, please ensure that you keep any evidences for all activities that you've stated above. Even though from the register of the PDU online not require for you to attach the evidence, but it is good for your to ensure that all of your activities collected for PDUs is tracking & captured.

It is my time to renew my PMP after 3 years, and it is good experience & learning curve for this period. I hope as PMP holder, i can giving more to others & sharing with others the knowledge & skills that I have. Even, whether you like or not, the Project Management is applied to your daily life as well, by adopted it your daily life, it will full enriching & provide happiness in your life.

Till then..i hope i can write more about project management.

Posted on: October 22, 2018 08:12 PM | Permalink

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CCR's system!!!

The renewal process is and can be rewarding.

Good reminder and insights. Good Luck with your renewal

Good to know it once more about how to renew .

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