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A very interesting question came up at one of my webinars. Concerns were raised about how professionals do or would feel about an artificial intelligence based machine/device subject matter expert watching over your shoulder and making recommendations and suggestions.

That is a very interesting and quite intriguing question.  The general opinion appears to be - NOT VERY HAPPY.  Just something to think about that might come of age in the next several years.

Your thoughts 

Posted on: November 22, 2018 07:03 PM | Permalink

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More complex when you think of it. Suggestions are not binding.

A parallel I can think many new cars would give you suggestions (warning) about your position (lane change, car too close....). Do people turn them off? The car is watching over your shoulder.

LOL interesting question. It will take time for people to adapt to something like this ... Maybe for me more time :-)

Agree with Vincent.
We should be role models in accepting and promoting change. One technique is to frame it differently: AI is not 'looking over my shoulder' (aka checking what I am doing), AI is supporting me in making better decisions. Like my quality manager / auditor is helping me.

@ Vincent There have been reports people turn off the vehicle's warning system. In some cases they do NOT want to hear about them speeding !!!

It is not out of the question the AI/Robot advisor will likely provide feedback on the performance of the individual they are watching over. JUst something else to consider.

I agree! The last thing I need is another second-guesser questioning me form a far and not knowing the personalities and other intricacies that any PM knows that others (particularly non-humans) can't know. You have to have had been there.

There were demonstrations about AI/Robots replacing workers already. Things are likely to get worse and soon.

I am totally fine with it. At least they won't be emotional, have personal agendas, and will have a far greater knowledge base of lessons learned and expert opinion on tap than us mere mortals. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

AI micromanagement - wonderful [sarcastic]. Regardless of the source, would not appreciate it.


I go with Sante Vergini's views

Dear Kevin
Interesting perspective on the theme "How do or would you feel about..."
Thanks for sharing

Can it be turned off?

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