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At the recently completed PMO Symposium®, the winner of the 2018 PMO of the Year Award was announced. You may wonder what were the award-winning traits of the winner. The December PM Network® spells out why the project management office for Australian telecom Telstra was selected for this honor.

Turning back the hands of time, back in 2012 Telstra did a capital project audit and found out that nearly a third of the company’s strategic project investments were not meeting goals. So the company launched a PMO that year, focused on strategic planning and delivery. Since the founding, the PMO has provided structure and oversight to all major capital projects. The C-suite enthusiastically backs the efforts of the PMO, which has a full-time staff of 24 who oversee more than 1,800 project managers and 1,265 projects worldwide.

The PMO comes with power. Executive leaders within the PMO can hold business unit leaders accountable for delivering their projects’ benefits—and can influence shutdowns of projects that don’t deliver. They can also issue a “strong recommendation for change.”

Telstra leaders say the PMO’s biggest success has been bringing discipline to the company’s capital spend. The company has the largest capital expenditure budget in Australia. Discipline is grounded by a focus on key performance indicators.

Another benefit of the company’s PMO is its success in forging a culture of project excellence through talent development and training. Sponsors and key stakeholders are not overlooked—there is training for them as well.

Do you know of a PMO that deserves this honor and recognition? Be sure to nominate that PMO for the 2019 PMO of the Year Award.

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Very interesting, thanks for sharing

Good one.

Thanks for sharing Dan

A PMO is very important to every enterprise working by projects. It is essential to help the project managers. Congratulations to Telstra.

Thanks for sharing Dan.

Amazing stories.

Good Information

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