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The PMI Board of Directors is discussing what the organization should be doing to facilitate implementation of its “strategy refresh".

The objective of the "refresh" appears to be a return to the original mission when the organization was founded in 1969 - service and support project management practitioners. Over the years, however, PMI has drifted from this initial focus. The current Board of Directors' discussions are asking the question: What can PMI do to demonstrate that it has the right focus and is providing value to its members?

From my perspective, there is a clear sense of PMI's shift toward the individual (not just chapters), as evidenced by the EMEA Congress 2019 program theme of  “Innovation Made Possible by a Project Manager.” This shows movement toward serving the members better, but it also has me thinking about PMI's “strategy refresh". 

Here are some of my thoughts on implementing PMI's “strategy refresh":

  1. Reduce the proliferation of certifications offered by PMI and focus on the fundamentals of project management,
  2. Differentiate and show value of PMP from other certifications like PRINCE2, ITIL, etc.
  3. Educate members about adjacent certifications and partner with those groups as the management of projects evolve,
  4. Promote both the hard and soft skills that project leaders need for future of work (e.g. less command & control and more adaptive planning and discovery),
  5. Be more supportive of chapters and regions - Global staff should be seen more often and be more responsive to innovations from and the needs of chapters,
  6. Continue and boost efforts to promote project management with veterans and universities, and
  7. Have more fun! Our profession is both challenging and rewarding, but in the end - we get stuff done!

What opinions or recommendations do other members have around PMI's "strategy refresh"? 

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I really like your list and hope that it's seen! I would add help PMs create innovative strategies that extend the PMBOK, (human) resource management is still a problem.

Interesting one with nice insights.
Thanks for sharing Bruce !!

Bruce, Thanks for sharing

Great thoughts Bruce ... You pretty much left nothing for us to add but if I think of something, I will chime in again.

I have another one: stop auditing people that you have already audited 2 or 3 times before, and instead, in their place, audit people you have not audited before ;-)

Create a PMI-Headquarters list of proposed changes within the system of the management of projects.

Make this list accessible to members who wish to contribute time to study its relevance to the future of PM.

One example is the proposed role of a Chief Project Officer (CPO), whose role, responsibility and authority would be similar to that of the CFO and CIO.

Thank you very much for your efforts and sharing

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