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Jobs Report Can Help You Fill Your New Year’s Resolution

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Do your New Year’s resolutions include finding a new job? Get help on where to look with the 2019 Jobs Report, published inside the January edition of PM Network®.

While overall demand for project managers is very strong, it is not consistent from country to country and sector to sector. This year’s Jobs Report focuses on eight countries: United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, United States, India, Nigeria, China and Germany.

Here’s a quick trip around the hiring world: In the U.K., construction is booming. There are more than 500 tall-building projects in the pipeline in London alone. Mexico has a new government and an evolving project management culture. Be ready to work as a freelancer or contractor.

In Brazil, offshore oil is growing fast while growth forecasts for the overall economy are pessimistic. The U.S. is enjoying robust growth predictions and is seeing talent shortages in many sectors. India has widespread demand for project managers but there is a gap between skills needed and skills offered. Nigeria should see growth in its infrastructure sector to help the country climb out of a 2016 recession.

China has shifted from a manufacturing and export-oriented economy to a technology-driven economic growth model. Germany’s economy remains brisk and buoyant, with its growth rate outpacing other European countries.

The Jobs Report is peppered with advice from professionals on how to get ahead in your career in 2019. An infographic covers worldwide outlooks in six sectors expected to generate high demand for project talent. As a bonus, the report includes a feature-length article explaining how to get hired when the recruiter doing the first sort is a computer with artificial intelligence.

PM Network welcomes you to 2019. We hope it is successful and that your resolutions come true.

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It is a very interesting edition for sure. Thank you for sharing !

Good post . thanks for sharing

Thanks for the summary. Happy New Year!

Dan, I did not find any info on the Median Salaries or any other analysis for PM jobs in Canada ?

Good information, thanks.

Regarding Rami's comment, PMI has a separate publication called Earning Power that details salaries in 37 countries. You'll find it at

Very useful link Dan, thank you. I look forward to the 2018 figures.

It was great to get insights into key growth sectors in each country

Good Information

Thank you.

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