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We present to you: the PM. GEPLANUS graduated with great effort and joined the IT area. He began as a programmer, then a systems analyst, then a project was the natural way. He managed several projects and worked at several large companies. He witnessed many unusual situations and lived many of them--some happy, others not so much. Faithful to his principles and ready to apply the concepts of management, he often collides with reality. Here begins his story...

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Industry 4.0 - Sophia

Merry Christmas !

GEPLANUS life history. Go GEPLANUS ! (watch the video)

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Coming sooner than we think!

Hello Vincent, I bought a book to my daugther related to industry 4.0. I image she must be prepared to this. Are you afraid of this ?

I quite agree Vincent, cheers Jose

Thank you Rami. Sophia is coming ... :-)

Specialized Operator of Projects--Highly Intelligent Analyzer?

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