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We present to you: the PM. GEPLANUS graduated with great effort and joined the IT area. He began as a programmer, then a systems analyst, then a project was the natural way. He managed several projects and worked at several large companies. He witnessed many unusual situations and lived many of them--some happy, others not so much. Faithful to his principles and ready to apply the concepts of management, he often collides with reality. Here begins his story...

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Who will be ?

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Interesting....I had to look this one up

"Homologation (from the verb homologate, meaning "to approve or confirm officially") is the process of certifying or approving a product to indicate that it meets regulatory standards and specifications, such as safety and technical requirements."


Waiting for the next one ASAP!

Hello Vincent me too... afraid of... ha ha ha

Interesting one.
Thanks for sharing!!

Thank you Alok.

Good sharing!!!

Thanks Tamer

It's amazing how 'ASAP' and 'As soon as possible' give such distinct perceptions.

Hello Andrew. Which perceptions ?

Hello John. You are wright, the task is called "homologate" ... something, homologation is the process and can be a phase. Thank you for correct me. So sorry.

LOL In construction, everything is ASAP ... Good One Jose !

Jose - Thanks for sharing! Very True. The term ASAP is often used by the person, who don't know/care about the due processes, resources, and their priorities.

Jose - If ask a person to 'help me out as soon as possible' it sounds, or can be perceived much nicer as opposed to asking as 'help me out, ASAP'. One seems more aggressive and demanding in nature, while the other is a request.

Hello Rami. Everything ?

Thank you Andrew. I understood.

Hello Ashok. Welcome. For a project manager it sounds like sacrilege.

ASAP Rajesh ... :-)

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