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The Problem with Project Management

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I'm a Mechanical Engineer having 4+ years of experience in engineering projects. In addition, I have 3+ years of SAP Project System experience. Presently I'm working as a SAP PS consultant. I want to expand my career in project management field.. Seek your guidance.... -Pratik

Pratik, it’s all about separating yourself from the pack.

Networking is powerful, because when people who know you are good refer you there is a trust factor that goes with it. Don’t just send your resume or CV and a cover letter. Make phone calls. Ask someone in the company what the big challenges they face are, and come up with a solution to them.

Find ways to demonstrate your ability to add value to the organization.

Stepping Stones

Project Controls may also be a good stepping stone into a role managing the type of projects you want to manage. In a role like project controller, scheduler, or coordinator you will gain experience of the 'other side' of projects from the technical side you already know.

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