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Always interested in new technologies, I'm also interested in an evaluation of risk. In this case, it might not have a direct relation to project management. Personally, I find that we tend to not evaluate risk from a supplier or other parties involve in our project.

In this case, Cryptocurrency is involved or the organization governance. What is the risk of doing business with the corporation xyz? Do you really evaluate it?

Look at this article "QuadrigaCX: How To Lose $140 Million In An Instant"

What would append to your project if it depended in an organization that seems to have just one key resource?

Posted on: February 05, 2019 07:32 PM | Permalink

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Vincent, this is a very important topic and often people forget to measure all risk, thanks for sharing that scary link it is true that people's greed leads to big disaster, one should be very careful and extra caution should be taken to avoid all risk inherited risk and danger in the new technologies. we've already lost our privacy with data phones.

I concur with our colleague Riyadh - Thanks for sharing this great article - You touched on a very important subject !

important subject

@Riyadh @Rami @Tamer

Glad you find it to be an important subject. Too often we don't ask enough questions to our potential suppliers.

Interesting and very important aspect of Risk identification.Thanks for sharing !!

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