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Can you love your job?

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February – the month of LOVE.  It’s everywhere you look in decorations, foods and even emotional commercials.  Personal love is one thing; professional love is another. 

Years ago I worked on the build, design and development of health coaching for a large insurance company.  Healthy living was my world: it was what I ate, drank, slept and preached for years……then, the company had a reorganization and I found myself in a different company with a different title in a new PM role – helping with IT projects.  I did the work to the best of my ability every day, but the passion wasn’t the same.  I couldn’t get excited about my job.  I was no longer in love with my work.  I felt sad inside and slowly even stopped living that healthy lifestyle.  My diet changed, I exercised less, I felt stress more.  Professional joy was shrinking with each day.

Then, I read a Forbes article dated March 13, 2015, written by David Surt and Todd Nordstrom called “Do what you love?  Or, love what you do?”  The right words hit me at the right time helping me realize that loving the impact my job had on the customer was something I could focus on.  Here was something I could appreciate and be passionate about again.  When I really focused on meeting the needs of my customers, the joy of my job began to grow.  The projects became more appealing and hurdles didn’t seem as challenging.  Interestingly, changing my focus also began to positively impact my health.  Today I can honestly say I love my work.

David Frost said “Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.”  Marc Anthony says “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”  What about you?  Do you love your job?  If not, is there a way to look at your tasks differently so you too have a job you love?

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Very motivating.Thanks for sharing Lori !!

It reminds me lines of Prophet by Great KAHLIL GIBRAN -
what is it to work with love ?

It is to build a house with affection, even as if your beloved were to dwell in that house.

I choose to look through optimistic goggles. And if there is a need, make a change.

Hello Alok: I love the lines you shared from the prophet. Beautiful!

Hello Andrew: I agree! Facing everything from optimism makes life so much better!

Great post Lori. When you love your job, your job will love you back.

Lori, Thanks for inspiring post!!

I think that the idea of loving one's job is a bit much to ask. I love people, not things. I do, however, take pride in the work that I do and strive to do my best each day.

Lori, thank you for the post. It used to be a love-hate relationship for me. Then I realized that I was not hating the job, I was merely hating the challenges from time to time. Once I got the grip on those underlying issues, my job became my hobby.

Thanks Lori for initiating this discussion as I am sure this is one of the frequently asked questions by anybody to himself/herself and most of the professionals end up sacrificing the love for their jobs.

I believe maximizing the efforts while minimizing the personal expectations is the key to a peaceful mind in any aspect and not only job. Striving for improvement in whatever one does and whenever one can with a detachment towards success eventually makes life simpler, enjoyable and pleasant.

Lori, I think we need to define or differentiate between career or the skills you love to do which satisfy certain level of Maslow's hierarchy and between the word JOB, the highest percentage people do their jobs because they have to, they are obliged to pay for bills, so how would you truly know that you are willingly do that when you have the capability of complete financial satisfaction with no obligation then yeah you might say but then it is hard to compromise because you are not obliged.

Now on the other hand how it looks like you are driving your Bugatti Chiron to go for a job which pays $ 30 - 40 an hour right you would be better looking at your other assets which makes you able to afford a Bugatti. But not everyone is rich or have the ability to do business that's why you see lots of engineers or project mangers work under people who have no formal academic education but they have the ways and means, they have the cash and knows what to do with it.

Hello Riyadh: Thank you for your response. I've been mulling over all your comments, and you are right - I go to work every day to make money and have insurance benefits - but while I am here life is so much better if I can really love what I do. It is not required to love what you do, but work is so much more enjoyable if I can. In the comments above, Rami noted that if you love your job, your job will love you back. I agree with that - there are some added benefits for bringing passion, joy, exuberance to the job when possible. Life is too short not to enjoy our vocation.

Hi Glenn: I appreciate your comments. I love people too, not things. I don't see my job as a thing - I see it more as an extension of myself, my enthusiasm, my joy for helping others and collaborating with strong teams to result in successful projects. It's an interesting way to look at my work - and did not come instantly. As I wrote, I experienced a rough patch where my job felt kind of disappointing at first - but after switching my mindset, I surprised myself when realizing I was starting to love my job. Because you love people, take pride in what you do and do your best every day - I know you are a successful project manager! Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to this blog. Appreciated.

Beautiful post ....I Love my job :)

Dear Lori:
Interesting your perspective on the topic: "Can you love your job?"

Thanks for sharing

Sometimes a change in perspective is enough

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