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There is thought leadership—and then there is practice. Sometimes the chasm between theory and application can seem hard to cross. This blog will address that "gap" between what A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) and other theory-based literature postulates—and the framework needed to make it work for project teams in organizations today.

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Business Analysis/Project Management Seams

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I'm managing an interesting project.  It is a new business line that we are bringing up out of the ground.  Therefore there are some predictive elements (i.e. construction, development, testing, fielding of systems), and there are some iterative elements (mobile development, enterprise data warehouse integration).  These projects are rolling up into a really cool program.  When you combine this with a maturing PMO concept, there is alot of change going on at once.  An additional change was that the business analyst on our team was out for two months.  Guess who that job fell to in his absence?  If you could see me right now I'm in my chair leaning back with two thumbs pointing right at me!

I quickly had to understand the need for business analysis, the interface with the customer, the accounting department and the HR department as well as stakeholders in IT.  Whereas before I just need to worry about the "what" to do regarding the deliverables, the tasks and the milestones, now I had to be concerned with the "why" as well.  Here is a perfect example of a seam--I'm well versed and experienced with process maps to determine the major muscle movements about what needs to happen in business processes.  However, without the BA I needed to delve down deeper into behavior designed development (BDD) frameworks so that we would be ready for detailed testing of our solution.  I didn't understand until now how important it was for every possible interaction a user of a system could accomplish that there needed to be a specifically designed business outcome to assign to that action.  I see this as a potential area for further collaboration and knowledge creation between the BA and PM communities.

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I think the business analyst is very important for any business, and the project manager must be cooperated with him, in my opinion, and then they together will be successful.

Business Analyst role is a very important role and sometimes overlaps with that of the PM like in your case, you might find yourself in a situation where you have to do this. I had the same exact experience and been handling, in a way, both roles for quite a bit and this is why I might be going for the PMI-PBA Certification soon to enhance my knowledge about the business analysis side of things.

Well presented.

Without some Business Analysis, how could you identify expected benefits?

Very relevent article. Knowing WHY enable us to deliver effectively WHAT needs to be delivered in project. Understanding the overlap of BA and PM process Is key for project success.

Thanks a lot John !!

good discussion! I would be wary of even attempting to do this: " how important it was for every possible interaction a user of a system could accomplish that there needed to be a specifically designed business outcome to assign to that action. "

I was part of the role creation when a set of companies worked on that and helped to create the IIBA. I am participating with the PMI too. I big mistake is to think that business analyst and project manager roles overlaps. Nothing more far from reality. The focus is totally different and the activities are totally different. Perhaps the fact that in the beginning people who had the project manager role performed the business analyst role too contributed to the misunderstanding. Other misunderstanding is some organizations think that is IT related. That was because in the very begining that was the definition focus of the role. But the big mistake is to think that business analyst focus is related to requirements only. Business analyst focus is related to solution and starts working before a project exists and continue working when the project ends to assure that benefits are achieved. If not, a new loop starts.

Very appropriate. Knowing project scope as PM's perspective while Solution being BA's and collaboration between two is key for a successful projects.

Thank you all for your comments!

Business Analysis role is key indeed

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