Do you believe in luck?

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Do you believe in luck?

I enjoyed reading the book by Janice Kaplan titled “How Luck Happens”.  It sparked so many interesting thoughts for me and the author describes how you can put yourself in situations so good luck will happen more frequently for you.  Did you end up in Project Management by luck?  If you are a successful project manager, should luck ever play a role in your projects?  The dictionary describes luck as “things that happen to a person because of chance: the accidental way things happen without being planned.  Good fortune.  Good luck”. 

I believe I ended up in Project Management by the phenomenon of luck. Leaders noticed my natural aptitude for organizing, and things that needed straightening up or shepherding kept landing on my desk.  People would say “you should be a project manager”.  This was the beginning of my awareness of project management.  It was not a career I pursued or knew much about – rather I was discovered.  Leadership took chances on me and projects continued to land on my desk until it became my career.  If my skills had gone unnoticed or if leaders were hesitant to take chances on me, I would not be in project management today. 

Should luck ever play a role in project management?  One could argue there is no room for luck in project management – only solid planning and vigilant risk management, but let’s take a deeper look.  Is it luck when a person with the unique skills needed for a project coincidentally applies for a job at your company and lands on your team?  What about when the weather holds on a construction project and the project successfully completes before a terrible storm?   Or, maybe by luck you find a magnificent mentor?

That happened for me - an interim CEO came to our local hospital and long story short he became a wonderful mentor for me.  I learned so much and am eternally grateful for the time this very busy man took to help open my mind to new concepts and a deeper understanding of leadership.  He assigned me homework, met with me on a regular basis and shared his years of knowledge and experience with me.  Was this good luck or random chance?  I believe it was good fortune – good luck for me.  How about you?  Do you see any luck when looking back at your journey?  Going forward, look for luck and seize the opportunities that luck may bring your way!

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Thanks for sharing this inspiring story. Luck is good but doesn't work on its own most of the time so like you said: Seize the Opportunity - This is the key as some opportunities comes once in a lifetime !

I believe in Luck, but somewhere I feel hard work plays vital role to be lucky enough to get the opportunity.

I do not like to sound rude but believe in luck is the first step to live in mediocrity. Just to put this important topic out of belief or faith I recommended to search for seminal books that talk about that like Mario Bunge´s book "Causality" between others.

Hi Lori, let me remember you this quote from a great leader: " I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it". Thomas Jefferson

Hello Rami - I agree, seizing the opportunity is so important! The word seizing indicates there is a real action on our part.

Hello Ravi: I agree, hard work does play a vital role in opening up opportunities. When we work hard, others notice and doors open.

Hello Sergio: I do not find your comments rude at all - you are sharing your perspective, and that's what these blog comments are all about! Thank you for sharing.

Hello Cheikh: I love this quote by Thomas Jefferson and believe in it with all my heart. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you very much Lori. I spend my time here to learn from people comments and improve myself. Your post gave me that possibility to me because you put on the table something that I faced from years including top management inside some organizations.

Sergio - I agree with spending time out here to learn from others! I learn something new every single day!

I believe in luck, but I don't count on it. I try to do my best each day, continually learn, and try to maintain a positive attitude. These are things that I think many of us do, so I claim no special insight or talent.

Will sure add this to my summer reading
Thanks Lori

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