Is Artificial Intelligence a real threat to project managers?

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WOW !!!!  AI will take 80 percent project management tasks, says Gartner.

Posted on: March 20, 2019 08:53 PM | Permalink

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Based a Gartner, I would say it is one hell of a threat. What time frame any idea?

80%!! wooow, I could be happy with the admin tasks only. "Alexa send an status report" "Alexa review the jira tickets and send me a burndowchart for my review"

I guess early retirement is calling me again!

I guess it is time to Re-Engineer Project Management and begin to reskill and transform the profession.

Worrying signs. AI knowledge and applications are essential to adapt to changing environment and redesign of jobs. Very comprehensive and tough learning journey of AI and Industrial 4.0.

Lots of work to do before 2030. The PM's role will change to be a data manager and higher level strategic decision maker.

I have some concerns about this article:
1. I was not able to find it on Gartner site.
2. What journalists( or Gartner?) present as PM job is not what we do ( collect data, analyze, report). This is very high level.
3. Can we/PMI ask how Gartner achieved this result - 80%?

Re-tooling time

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