The Transformation of the Job Interview

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Used to be, the job interview was something you prepared for in a certain way. Perhaps you memorized some responses to questions that always came up, such as “What’s your greatest weakness?” Or “What project were you most proud of?”

Organizations have gotten wise to this type of preparation and are inventing new ways to evaluate job candidates that really separate the finalists from everyone else.

The April edition of PM Network® provides a guide to new interview formats you might currently encounter in your career journey. These include digital assessments, often done as online surveys. The object of the survey is to evaluate key applicant skills such as grit, curiosity, polish, rigor and initiative. This technique is called predictive hiring, and satisfies the corporate urge for quantitative data in the hiring process.

Another new interview technique, auditions, is the project management version of what happens in the performance arts. Candidates are asked to perform some sort of project task such as mapping a work breakdown structure or managing a test project. This gives the interviewer a more thorough look at how the candidate might perform.

Virtual Reality simulations are becoming part of the hiring process. Recruiters are bringing headsets to job fairs as a new way to find talent by immersively showing what the job is all about. VR is also used in the interviewing process to assess candidates’ styles in, for example, teamwork and leadership style.

Finally, some companies are loosening up candidates by holding conversations in less formal venues, such as coffee shops or restaurants. The goal is to gain a truer sense of the candidate’s engagement.

For each of these selection techniques, PM Network provides “prep talk,” advice on what to do and what not to do in these new interview styles.

Have you had a unique job interview experience? Please share your insights in the comments below.

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This is very interesting. I have not been involved with these alternative types of interviews, but find them thought provoking. thank you for sharing.

Found interesting one. Thanks for sharing!!

Looks to be quite an interesting issue. Thanks, Dan.

Really interesting .Thanks for sharing it.

good discussion! if you are going to coffee shop or restaurant u best take someone form HR along

40 years ago I was given a problem and asked to draw a flowchart for the solution..I STARED at that blank piece of paper for 2-3 minutes before I finally got something down....the interviewer stayed in the room.....I was sweating bullets

Very interesting. Thank you.

Job Interview changing is good news

I was asked to stand in front of a flip chart and illustrate the type of documents you would produce on a typical application implementation project. Without additional guidance, I gave an outline based on the PMP processes.

Whether this exercise truly represented a key priority for the job, I will leave that with the interviewer. From my perspective, it failed to uncover my actual experience, how I cope with indifferent attitudes/resistance to documentation, etc…

As a tool, I would not exclude this approach but the objectives/purposes of such exercises need to be appropriately consider and designed.

Thank you.

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