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Automation, AI - How could they affect you?

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In a recent study "Automation and Artificial Intelligence: How machines are affecting people and places". Some interesting information is available. 

The jobs that seem to have more potential for automation are the one that doesn't require a Bachelor's degree.  Not that surprising.

Project management does not specifically name, some close relatives will be "Management" and "Business" with a relatively low level of automation. 

Some jobs in project management will be affected, more specifically "Administration" that doesn't require a bachelor degree.

Other jobs that are identified will be more specific by industry.

Some interesting information.

The study was made for the USA only, love to see WW study



Study available -

related in HBR May-June 2019 paper issue, p26 there is an interesting graph about the study.

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Thanks for the link to the study, interesting insight

Great information. Thanks a lot!!

Great information,Thanks!

Thanks for sharing. However this is a HUGELY misleading report.. I continue to see the implication that PM jobs will be 'automated.' Yes some of the routine management tasks will be automated. However, AI is going to completely disrupt project management tasks. In order to take advantage of AI technology the way we do project management will be completely different.


I agree with you any previous change in technologies influenced the way we do projects. Just software in the last couple of year made numerous changes to project management.

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