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As Project Managers, do we have a spring in our step?

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Matching up wellness coaching and motivational interviewing techniques with project management—along with inclusion and inspiration—is my goal.

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Here in North America, spring is in full bloom – it is beautiful!  The season is abundant with new life and renewed energy.  It made me wonder if I have a spring in my step?  The Cambridge English dictionary describes a spring in our step as walking energetically in a way that shows happiness or confidence. 

As a project manager – is that what I portray? 

The most effective project managers are the ones who use a spring in their step to inspire others and create cohesive team environments where ideas and differing perspectives can flourish.  Some report one of the top qualities in an excellent employee is to have a positive and cheerful attitude.  Portraying confidence and a positive, contagious energy when communicating with teams, stakeholders and leaders is important to success.  These attributes create influencers.   Often people we come into contact with, are struggling under various kinds of personal and professional stressors – when we step into their day will our interactions wash over them like how a spring day feels?

Making personal choices to be healthier is another way to enhance the spring in our step.  Getting enough sleep, making healthy food choices, drinking plenty of water each day, finding ways to fit in exercise and controlling stress can up our game.  When we have a spring in our step, we are approachable, inspired, energetic and action-oriented and all these things can spring our careers to new heights.

Please share something you do to create a spring in your step.  Your ideas or suggestions can be helpful for us all!

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well said; the attitude of the project manager defines the success path of the project. Good article. Though succinct but further illustration and elaboration with examples and outcomes would be more helpful for our new friends in the field.

Very useful and interesting post. i agree with your point of views that effective project managers are the one who inspire to others.
I would like to add below points to create spring in step:-
1- Limit your time spent on unhealthy social media posts .
2- Be generous and give selflessly
3- Take some fun self-awareness quizzes
4- Seek out humour every day

Working on self is the most important project to undertake .

I create a spring by being more curious each day , in nutshell gaining big picture . Positive n cheerful attitude is a major take . Strong communication with Stakeholders n clarity on scope imperative ones :)

Hello Aditya: Thanks for your response - and you are right, examples would be helpful! Here's one - I like to start my meetings with an inspirational picture on the screen and an uplifting quote or some positive feedback for team on something they have done deserving credit since our previous meeting. These small things mean a lot to teams.

Hello Shadav: Thank you so much for sharing four additional ways to create a spring in your step. The items you listed can help create a great work environment for teams - and they are simple to do! I like to find ways to interject an appropriate humor and lightness in my interactions with others - it helps a lot and makes work more fun!

Hello Rajni: You are right! If we all looked at ourselves - our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health, as a project - and project managed our lives with planning, monitoring & controlling, etc. - it might make a big difference! I loved how you shared being more curious each day - that's a great comment and one often overlooked. Being curious allows us to ask more questions - and that's when the doors really begin to open. Thank you for sharing!

Great analogy and topic. I didn't know by far about "spring in step". It is really important thing, especially since we are working with clients and should lead some sort of change. If we do not show confidence and passion how can we expect it from clients?
Thanks again for this!

Great perspectives and suggestions made for re- energize yourself for capturing fullest extent of life. I completely agree with you and your suggestions. It is very important to every project manager to update his or her current version time to time to be relevent.

Thanks a lot Lori for your very simple but very powerful suggestions !!

Very interesting thanks for sharing

Hello Milos: I agree that it is very important for project managers to show confidence and passion. Having a spring in your step shows that confidence and passion to others.

Hello Alok: Thank you for your note. Being fully of energy is a great start for any project manager to approach what is before them!

well that's a great post!!

I wonder....can we suggest that a PM with "spring in their step" can overcome almost all challenges regardless of their other attributes and skillsets?...I thik yes in fact I know it can be done because I have seen it done!

I look at the positives. Definitely important to have a positive outlook, even see those opportunities hiding in the shadows of risks.
.... be optimistic.

Hello Al: I agree - bringing your A-game to projects - making your best possible effort is so important and project managers who do this will overcome challenges regardless of attributes and skillset!

Hello Andrew - I can tell by your comments and posts that you do look at the positives. Thank you for sharing the importance of having a positive outlook and being optimistic. Very important to team building and project success.

Dear Lori:
Interesting your perspective on the topic: "As Project Managers, do we have a spring in our step?"

Thanks for sharing

Important point to highlight:
"The most effective project managers are the ones who use a spring in their step to inspire others and create cohesive team environments where ideas and differing perspectives can flourish"

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