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CNBC ‘make it’ - recently published an article (May 4, 2019) titled, "The 10 highest-paying jobs in tech." The link is provided below.  It is an interesting read for sure.  The most interesting portion of the article is the 7th highest-paying job!  They identified "Technical program manager" (TPM) as number seven with the average salary of $145,000 that is based on open positions/roles listed on the Glassdoor website. 

Clearly, this serves to solidify the need for the webinars that cover emerging technologies and clearly substantiates the need for continually monitoring emerging technologies (as we do here on this blog) in order for a PMs to gain knowledge and skills that will serve to differentiate them from general PMs that  seek positions like this. As your knowledge, skills and experience increase over time, your fair market value increases.  With estimates of trillions of $$$ of emerging technology in market value, it is easy to see how the demand will undoubtedly grow for the next several years.


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Wow - that is an interesting article for sure and particularly the technical program manager portion. Is there a certification for that specific profession?

Thanks Kevin, the TPM definition, salary and current market demand is extremely valuable to me. What you give is far more than what I get from vendors. All they provide is sales support data to be sure.

Great insights. Thank you, Kevin.

Great info Kevin. Do you have something similar for construction ? I tried to google something but did not find.

Very interesting thanks for sharing

@ Rami - I looked into construction and it is running along the same path. The impact new technology is having on construction would easily justify a TPM! New construction materials via nanotechnology and that contributing to the much larger impact of 3D printing in construction as well as robot workers, drones for capturing status and progress and all the IoT devices in SMART homes and buildings TPM should be a high demand calling.

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