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How do you choose the sessions you will attend #PMIEMEA19 ?

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When attending a major conference or congress like the PMI EMEA Congress 2019 in Dublin is can be confusing which sessions one should attend. I have asked a few of my friends before how they chose which sessions they attend. Here are some of the answers I got:

1. Chose the ones being held by friends, or people I know first, then chose others by the topic I like.

2. Go through all the topics and choose the ones that interest me

3. Use the conference app and put in keywords.

4. It is so confusing and there are so many people I tend to attend those friends of mine attend. Go with the flow

5. Plan in detail, align with goals of what I want to read up on and then choose deliberately.

What method do you use to determine which sessions to attend?

I have used elements of all of the above before. All have their pros and cons. This time I am going as one of the Community Correspondents and am excited to be sharing my experience and my lessons learned with you. I am also looking forward to be working with Emily and the rest of the team to share the action at the congress with you

Please don't forget to follow me and my fellow representatives from the online Community for updates during the conference itself. They'll be announcing themselves during the next few days.

Posted by Stephanie Jaeger on: May 05, 2019 09:11 AM | Permalink

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Great post Stephanie! For me, I try to look up the programme and then ascertain which sessions would be of the most benefit or interest to me in my current career/ objectives.

During last year's EMEA, I was heavily focused on the Agile track and wanting to absorb as much knowledge from the presenters that could help me in the Agile track. This year, I'm focused on the Change Management/ Leadership thread so i'm really looking for the best sessions that will compliment that... then anything above that is a great bonus!

Thanks for your input @Emily, so you are going by one topic that you are working on or want to gain knowledge on and mainly attend sessions on that track. Great way to do it! That way you get many different perspectives on the topic.

Very interesting thanks for sharing

@Stephanie - Exactly! I've also used conferences for assessing a possible direction that I want to take my career so i'll do some sessions on potential topics of interest to see /gather more information on a topic. It's been really useful for learning what a topic is "really" about.

Mark the sessions you want to attend on the conference app. If there is no app, put them in your calendar, but ensure you indicate the correct time zone.

Great post Stephanie! I really look forward to working with you on the amazing Community Correspondents team!
See you in Dublin in just a few days.
Till then, keep smiling, keep shining, and keep inspiring!

Stephanie: When it comes to choosing sessions this is what I do:
1. Check to see whether there are sessions by people I know, with the subject matching my interests.
2. Search for learning objectives which mention or demonstrate audience engagement. After all, no one wants to attend a monologue!
3. Having attended several conferences in the past, one would have developed an idea of the best and most engaging speakers.

Of course, as part of the Community Engagement team, we have distributed sessions among ourselves so that we have the broadest possible coverage.

I'm presenting to sessions with Sripriya Narayanasamy, and will be very glad to have you, Emily, or Mortiz cover the sessions. We guarantee lots of learning and fun engagement!

Thanks for your comments @Karthik. Yes I also check for speakers I know and if they talk about topics that interest me. But the more speakers you get to know the more difficult it gets. Since there maybe several sessions at the same time that you want to attend

Looking forward to working with you, @Kristin, @Emily and @ Moritz

Great post Stephanie! The first time I joined one conference I spent a lot of time preparing the agenda.

Next time I will remember your insights.

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