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All PMI Events always have a lot of things on the agenda, that can be seen as "side shows", but are well worth attending. You can get so much value in them.

Like all PMI Conferences, the #PMIEMEA19 started with a First-time Attendee Orientation. I often attend these sessions, even though I have attended several PMI conferences, since there is always new information. During this session you learn all you need to make the most out of your Conference experience. This time it was even more important, since PMI is using a new event app, which was explained at length during the session.

#PMIEMEA19 has other fascinating offers on the program. This evening there were 3 different Networking Tours on offer, which one needed to sign up for, to be able to attend. These did cost some extra money, but it was well worth it.

On offer were:

1. A Bus Tour of Dublin

2. A Walking Tour of Dublin

3. A Musical Pub Crawl, with Irish Musicians through several of the old Pubs in 

I attended the Walking Tour, which saw us walk quite some distance. We learned a lot about the History of Dublin, both recent and all the way back to the vikings. We went to many of the historical parts of town and got many more tips on places to explore from our wonderful guide.

Tomorrow, the congress has offsite learning sessions on offer. For these one had to sign on in advance as well. Since they were fully booked in no town, there was even a waiting list. On offer are the following: 

1. a visit to One Microsoft Place

2. A visit to the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland 

3. A visit to Teeling Distillery

We will talk about the experience, if we can, currently I am on the waiting list.

In addition to that PMI has a whole host of Networking Breaks, Networking functions and evening functions. To make the most of your Congress experience, you should attend these functions. They are a great opportunity to get to know new people, build your professional network in a relaxed atmosphere.

All these functions are a lot of fun and I try not to miss them.


Posted by Stephanie Jaeger on: May 13, 2019 07:18 PM | Permalink

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Great post, Stephanie! Thanks a million for bringing out the interesting sideshows of the first day of #PMIEMEA19!

Thanks @KarthikPMO - I think these "Sideshows" are a very important part of the conference. It is where real relationships are build. If you miss out on them you miss out big time

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