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Our team is always looking for ways to grow and strengthen the community here. This year we're working on four new initiatives that we believe will do just that — from helping you connect and engage with each other in more meaningful ways, to creating discussions and forums for you to ask questions, share work experiences, and learn about exciting offerings at PMI. 

As you may have already seen back in March, we launched a new blog called Peerspective, managed by editor Aaron Smith. "Peers sharing perspectives" — that's its purpose, and in each spotlight we learn about how a community member got started, what they’ve discovered along the way, and why they love what they do. We all benefit from learning about each other’s experiences, challenges, achievements and insights. Perhaps you may be the next person featured, and be sure to check out new installments every month!

In June, we will launch a quarterly Discover PMI - Ask Us Anything! series. Here, we will present short Q&A sessions with various PMI experts. The first one will be June 17 with guest Karl Best, PMI Standards Specialist, discussing “What’s Up With Standards?" Other PMI departments and experts will soon follow, and all sessions, which are non-PDU bearing, will be recorded and posted for your convenience. Which PMI department or offering would you like to learn more about?  We welcome your suggestions!

Later this summer, our Discussion area will feature a new board called Community Central.  Here, we will announce site news, including new features, and facilitate two discussion threads where you can discuss your current work challenges and request help from (or provide answers to) your fellow community members.

Later in the year, we will launch Community Conversations — non-PDU bearing roundtables that allows for informal, small-group discussions on a variety of topics that you choose.  We hope to create an opportunity for you to engage in friendly, open exchanges with your peers—to help each other on any number of work challenges or professional development goals, from interviewing and skill building, to understanding industry trends.

Our project is YOU. Your successes and setbacks, your passions and peeves—we want to hear about them all, and help you get to where you're going today and tomorrow. We hope these four initiatives are solid steps in that direction. As always, your feedback and ideas are most welcome!



Posted by Kimberly Whitby on: May 16, 2019 02:21 PM | Permalink

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Kimberly, this is great news. Haven't seen the Peerspective yet, but I will definitely read all of them. And I'm looking forward to the other initiatives. Thanks for your effort!

Thanks for this Kimberly! Please let us know the opportunities for us to contribute and support the growth of the community :)

This is very exciting! Anything you can do to get the community more engaged and working together will be a welcome addition. Thanks for your tremendous effort in making this a great community platform!

Thanks everyone for your support, I'm very much looking forward to bringing us closer together!

Awesome - this is exciting!

I am missing a like button for comments here :)

This is a great initiative, thanks Kimberly. A smart and interactive approach for community members to get involved in small steps..

Great to see the community expansion! Thanks for the update.

Wonderful initiatives. Thanks a lot for sharing valuable information.

I love what you say "Our project is YOU" :). And for us the project is the "COMMUNITY".
Exciting times ahead indeed !

Great Initiatives Kimberly ... Please do not hesitate to let me know how I can contribute towards the success and growth of this amazing community.

Those are great initiatives!

Excellent initiatives. I look forward to seeing it in action

It sounds like we are heading towards a more personalized and engaging experience. Looking forward to these initiatives!

Great Initiative! Excited to participate in Our Projects is you. Awesome!

Sounds great. Let me know how I can help.

Excellent, news, Kimberly!
While is already a dynamic, thriving platform, we can't rest on our oars.
I will look forward to these exciting initiatives, and will also be very glad to contribute in any way possible!

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