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Artificial Intelligence and Project Management

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A recent Gartner reports* state that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will assume 80% of all project management tasks by 2030.

I was giving this some thought and the thing that stood out for me is that those tasks that can be automated should be automated, and using it will assist the role of the project manager immensely when used appropriately.

However, I am always reminded that project management is not just about tools and techniques but about people. I do not believe AI will provide the best solution for managing people and that activity will always need a project manager with superior leadership, communication and team development skills. This is particularly important on complex projects. AI can free up project managers from the more mundane technical tasks and allow them to focus on, and develop, their people skills and their own personal development.

I think AI should threaten those project managers who do not have good 'people skills' as it is imaginable that AI could successfully manage low complexity and smaller projects completely. I can definitely see small projects that do not require much team building, have few stakeholder, or do not require leadership being completely lead by a task oriented AI.

So, in summary I believe AI is a great tool and can help in many ways but for large, complex and people centered projects it should best be used as an ancillary tool to a well-qualified and experienced project manager. What are you thoughts?

*Link to the report here

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Great post. Essentially Gartner is stating that 80% of what a PM does is strictly, Data Collection, Tracking, and Reporting. This shows how out-of-touch Gartner is as it relates to understanding the strategic role of PMs. Are there PMs who only play this role? Yes, there are some, but it is a massive mischaracterization of our profession.

Sean, I totally agree with you. We have AI supporting us right now, but only supporting and not replacing.

And George, I think when you are working with Data Collection, Tracking, and Reporting (as the people at Gartner do), you tend to see everyone else's work through the same lens.

Good point of view Sean, I agree with you.

Good Point Noted. Thanks.
Yes. AI may the big challenge for PMs.

well....I think (reluctantly) the report is probably right....and this is coming from a guy who thought the internet was a fad

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will assume 80% of all project management tasks by 2030.. that is cool

Thanks for sharing, that's very useful ..!

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