3 Levels of Risk Management

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Risk management is so important when it comes to ensuring your project stays on track – both in terms of budget, which is what this column mainly talks about – but also in generally.

The graphic below shows the three levels of risk management to consider on your project (and beyond). If you aren’t working at the portfolio management level in your organisation, you can still take these into consideration because you can work with those who are managing your portfolio. Ask the right questions and help keep your project on track!

three levels of project risk

For more on this idea, check out this article.


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Nicely presented!

Thanks for the nice presentation

Elizabeth, this is interesting but where does Program Risks fall in your categories ?

Very Good Post.. thanks

Thanks for this posto. Appreciate it !!!

Thanks for the contribution.

Thank you, Elizabeth. Great infographic, well done!

Thanks, Elizabeth!

Thanks for sharing

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