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Does a Specific Mind-set Drive Passion for our Work?

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I am reflecting on my experiences attending multiple PM conferences over the last couple of months. My aim is to identify and share emergent themes that are bubbling up across the project management profession.

Moritz Sprenger's "Voices in Project Management" retrospective on the PMI EMEA Congress had a topic that stood out to me. Mortiz made the keen observation as to why we are passionate about our profession, it is the PM mind-set.

An excerpt from Moritz’ blog post: “I have realized for why I am passionate about the profession of project management: It’s all about mind-set. The people I met [at PMI EMEA Congress] in Dublin had these things in common: Personal drive, the willingness to communicate, being results-driven, working passionately towards personal goals, and foremost: curiosity. These are exactly the traits that distinguishes a good project managers."

Project Manager mind-set. Is that what attracts us to the profession?

I would love to hear if others agree whether it is the mind-set that drives passion for Project Management?

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Yeah, mindset can motivate you to do something or make a decision

From my point of view those things in common for PM´s are qualities highly appreciated in project management. Means you are looking to learn them, when new in projects, right? Seems to be a typical goal for every motivated leader, who like that kind of work and love that life style, which surely comes with PM.
So for me, it is about mindset to love what you do, and willingnes to constantly improve in your field. Not some assumptions to be a PM or whatever.

Let me know what you think. Interesting topic, Bruce. Thank you.

Everything in life is a mindset, and what drives Project Management is a mindset too in my opinion.

@Rami - To go one level deeper, do you feel there is a specific mindset or set of personal attributes that attracts one to the PM profession?

@Bruce, interesting question. I would say Leadership and Creativity.

I would much rather develop and hold a world view rather than a mind set. The word mind set implies inflexibility and dogma.

@Greg - Very good point about choosing the wording of "worldview" versus "mindset". After I published this article I began questioning the use of mindset. My intent was something closer to Personality Traits.

Mindset - an established set of attitudes held by someone.
Worldview - a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world.
Personality traits - the distinguishing qualities of a person.

Great post Bruce! and i'd agree. Mindset definitely has a role to play!

For me every project manager is an entrepreneur.. so it is an entrepreneurial personality trait that sets us apart.

I like the inclusion of "curiosity." One of the aspects many of us enjoy about the job is the fact that projects end… and then you start something different. And with every new project, there's a new team of experts working to achieve a new objective. Project Management is a great career for people who like to learn new things.

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