4 Tools for Cost Control

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Staying on top of your project expenses is really important if you want to bring the project in on budget. However, how you actually do that changes as you go through the project. You’ll want to take a different approach to cost control depending on where you are in the project and how you need to respond to the project budget situation.

The graphic below shows four tools for cost control at each point in the project lifecycle. You can pick and choose from these to select a way to manage expenses on your project, wherever you are in the lifecycle.

4 tools for cost control

For more on this idea, check out this article.


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Nice post and very well explained.
Thank you Elizabeth!!

Thanks for the simple to the point post

Great infographic Elizabeth, it gives a clear picture of the process. Thanks!

Nice infographic, Elizabeth. Thank you!

great topic there is additional for cost management is closing for closing financial statement evaluation and update as lesson learned!!!!

@Tamer - thanks for that, good point!

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