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by Cyndee Miller

As a newbie, it can be tough to push back, even if you know deep down you’re right. What’s a project manager to do—without sabotaging their career?

Back when he was just starting out, Justin Fraser, PMP, was working with a team member insistent on doing work that would have pushed the project out of scope. When Mr. Fraser pointed that out, he was dismissed. So he called in backup from a more senior team member, who endorsed Mr. Fraser’s point and convinced the stubborn team member to drop the work.

“I was able to keep the project in scope by using someone with more credibility,” says Mr. Fraser, now project manager and founder of 88 Real Estate Capital, Milltown, New Jersey, USA.

Being the new kid on the block is tough in any career. But project and program managers have the extra-daunting task of commanding respect and fueling collaboration up and down the org chart from day one.

Fear not. For the latest issue of PM Network®, we recruited project professionals of all backgrounds and levels of experience to weigh in on what every rookie should know. (Even you grizzled veterans might learn a thing or two.)

It’s good timing. With talk of an impending global recession looming, project management is looking like a pretty darn futureproofed career option. By 2027, employers will need some 88 million individuals working in project management-oriented roles, according to PMI’s research.

Still skeptical? Understood. But consider this from Thabang Molefe, CAPM, project manager at SHL, Johannesburg, South Africa. “To be honest I wasn’t really sold at first, from my research on what project managers do. It took working on a project firsthand for my love of the profession to take root, and I haven’t looked back since,” she tells PM Network. “On the first big project where I reported to a project manager, I watched this lady work her magic and move mountains every day, and I thought, “This is what I want to do. I want to make things happen.”

Ready to work some magic and make things happen? The PM Network Project Manager’s Starter Kit has everything you need.

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Thanks, Cyndee!.

A "Project Manager's Start Kit" -- Fantastic Idea!

Thanks Cyndee.. good to know project management is looking like a pretty darn futureproofed career option.

Thanks Cyndee... Great idea to start with Project Manager's start kit.

I have read PMI magazine after long time. Crisp and informative insights.

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