The Great Government Reboot

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The Great Government Reboot

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Fast. Digital pioneer. Hyper-efficient. Customer-friendly. Not necessarily the first things that come to mind when someone mentions government.

“In general, governmental organizations have long been behind the private sector in technology,” says Horacio Barbier, PMP, director of modernization and digital government for the City of Vicente López in Argentina.

He’s not wrong. While companies around the world are launching projects around AI, blockchain, drones and the like, governments have been relatively slow on the up-take. Only 17 percent of government CIOs plan to increase their investment in digital business initiatives, versus 34 percent of CIOs in the private sector, according to a Gartner survey from earlier this year.

It’s not to say governments aren’t trying. The latest issue of PM Network® has the intel on how some innovative public-sector project teams are challenging the digital status quo.

Estonia, for one, has been an e-government trailblazer for years. The former Soviet republic was the first nation to offer virtual residency to anyone in the world wanting to conduct digital business in Estonia. Since the program was launched in 2014, 50,000 people have become e-residents and 6,000 e-businesses have been established.

In the United States, the governor of Vermont signed an executive order in 2017 establishing a secretary of digital services. One of the first projects? A pilot that uses AI to help the U.S. state’s transportation agency predict road and bridge degradation.

Cool—and useful. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Done right, technology just means government will do what it’s meant to do: serve the public.

What are you seeing in your own governments?

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Amazing read, thanks for sharing

well produced magazine. An Icon based version that could be read in landscape mode on a phone would enable me to read even more. See E&T app by the IET for an example.

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