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Passing PSM I

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Yesterday I cleared the PSM I (Professional Scrum Master I) exam, with a score of 96.3%; thus, I failed 3 out of the 80 questions. Passing the exam requires a minimum of 85%, or getting right at least 68 out of 80 questions.

The list below randomly captures recommendations and observations about achieving PSM I.

  • Bottom line. It is not a difficult test. One can already figure this out if a minimum score of 85% is required.
  • However, preparation is required. In my case, the company organized an external trainer. The course took about 10 hours, including the practice of "live" exercises.
  • Reading "The Scrum Guide" is a must. It is only 19 pages long, but it is important to read it carefully, and more than once.
  • Answers to some of the questions can be easily found on the guide. However, the majority of questions are situational, which require a full understanding of the Scrum framework to get them right.
  • Any answer that contains "Project Manager" term is wrong. As a Project Manager I was not keen on ruling myself out, but needs to be done to get the points.
  • The exam takes a maximum of 60 minutes. I cleared it in 35. On paper, every question would take not more than 45 seconds. But some of the questions can be answered in 10 seconds, allowing over a minute for the questions that require further thinking or checking materials (it is an open book exam).
  • Needless to say, do not take the exam before taking at least three practicing tests that can be found online. Score at least 90% before taking the real test.

Good luck to all future PSM I holders. Never stop learning.

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing (Albert Einstein)

Posted on: August 23, 2019 03:24 AM | Permalink

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Thank you for sharing. I have been studying for the last 3 weeks and will take it on Monday.

Good luck, Yvette! You will be just fine :-)

Thank you Eduard for sharing this. It's really helpful.

Congrats Eduard, and thanks for sharing your tips. Are you considering PSM II ?

On another note, you can add this certification to your account, under your profile (They Have this Certification listed there).

How much did those practice tests cost? Just wondering since the PSMI is relatively cheap (as far as certification exams go).

Wade, practice exams for PSM I are free for the most part. themselves they have free open assessments that in a way mimic the actual exam.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and learnings, definitely helps to PSM aspirants.

Thanks for the tips!

Congratulations Eduard!!

Thanks everyone. @Rami, thanks for the tip, I have just added the PSM I, and the Microsoft, I forgot about it. At the moment I am not considering PSM II. Is it significantly more difficult than the I? Perhaps next year (I try to add one certificate per year).

@Eduard: PSM II is a very solid exam so you have to be much more prepared - It is difficult, at least it was for me.

Congrats and thanks for sharing.

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