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Occasionally, I’ll get asked to review a book on project management or leadership.  It’s a great honor to be part of a community of project managers who recognize the benefits in giving back to their community.  John A. Estrella, author and PMP has recently published a book called “PMP Practice Makes Perfect”.  As a credentialed PMP, I would have appreciated having this book as a resource while I was preparing for my exam years ago.    I reached out to John for an interview so he could share some insights into his book and here’s what Estrella had to say about it…


 Naomi: Great book; can you share how the collaboration with five authors of this book came together?

 [John] I have colleagues all over the world and I wanted to make sure that the authors provide an international perspective similar to how the PMP questions are written. So, I contacted my trusted friends in the U.S., U.K. and Canada who are experts in the field to help me put together this book.

 Naomi: Give us a synopsis of your book;"PMP Practice Makes Perfect and who can use this book?

 [John] Our book is perfect for those who are preparing for the PMP exam and would like to make sure that they can pass it on their first try. If you think are ready to take the PMP exam, we challenge you to answer the questions on the first chapter of the book. If you can answer them, then you can try four actual exam sets with 200+ questions each. If you can confidently complete them, then you are in great shape to take the PMP exam. Otherwise, you need study some more.

 Naomi: How did you design the 1000's of practice questions and answers?

 [John] We looked at various sources from PMI to ensure that the questions closely resemble the actual PMP exam from question structure (question stem and options) to overall exam set composition (process group and knowledge area ratios).

 Naomi: How important is it to give back to PMI and the volunteer community? 

 [John]I am where I am now because throughout my career several people (friends, strangers, volunteers, etc.) donated their wisdom and time by mentoring and writing project management standards. It is very important that we give back to the PMI community so that we can keep this process going into perpetuity.

 Naomi: Do you have any other books in publication that would benefit Project and Program Managers?

 [John] My previous book is Lessons in Learned in Project Management. I also wrote a book titled: Identifying Software Project Risks: An International Comparative Study.

 Naomi: Tell us what you're working on next and how to engage with you

[John]I just got back from a one-year trip around the world with my family so we are NOT planning to do anything soon! I can be reached via LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Just look up my name, John A. Estrella.

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This would have been a great help before I passed my PMP Exam.

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