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My impressions from day one of "Ask an Expert" at #PMIcon19

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As I write this, I look back over the first day of PMI's Global Conference and have a hard time believing how much I've learned and experienced within a single day!

The day kicked off with an energizing, humorous and candid session by Adam Grant on how to better champion new ideas.

During our "Ask an Expert" sessions I had the privilege to meet with a couple of our community members, Jennifer & Ed, to discuss a couple of topics near and dear to my heart - PMOs and personal development. It was a wonderful opportunity to share some of the hard lessons I've learned from leading PMOs and the (sometimes random) path I've taken through my career. 

I was also delighted to meet a number of folks who I have interacted with virtually through this community, the PMI LinkedIn discussion group and other online networks which only reinforced my support for the sixth principle of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

Throughout the day, I was impressed by the impact of the new PMI brand - it has really grown on me!

If this was day one, I can't wait to see what day two brings!


Posted by Kiron Bondale on: October 05, 2019 08:07 PM | Permalink

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Dear Kiron
I wish your journey remains fascinating
How did the new brand come about?
Have you hired an advertising agency to rebrand the brand?
I see some signs of change in marketing strategy, such as positioning: "Powering The Project Economy ™".
What more news will we have in marketing strategy? In Products (certifications), Prices in Logistics and Distribution Channels (Chapters and REP's)
Did you measure the impact of these changes on PMI's market share?

Luis -

Thanks for your prompt feedback on my day one post and your kind wishes.

I don't have answers to all of your questions, but PMI's internal brand team did hire an outside firm to help them with this important initiative.

As Rami mentioned in his response to my original post yesterday morning, there were a number of folks who were invited in late June to participate by sharing their thoughts on various aspects of the brand.

While I can't answer your remaining questions, there are a number of folks who have posted video interviews they conducted yesterday at the GC with PMI staff on LinkedIn and you can view those.

I'd expect that we will get more details over the course of the next month or two - I'd be surprised if there wasn't something about the new brand in PMI Today or PM Network...

Luis - here's the link to one of Oliver Lehmann's videos on the brand:

I was there! :)
In all seriousness, totally concur. It was a fantastic experience. Great people, energy, discussions. Look forward to more of the same today. See you in a bit.

Dear Kiron
Thank you for your reply
Hope so.
We will soon have more information about the changes taking place in PMI.
I hope the Conference is being as amazing as on the first day

Dear Kiron
I didn't get a chance to see the announcement on PMInsight.
At the African Conference not a word about it.
This Conference was attended by 14 chapters from Africa, 13 Presidents of Chapters, many Vice Presidents and about 250 people.
Also present at this Conference was PMI President Sunil Prashara.
I don't feel for that reason as comfortable as George

Thanks for sharing your experience on Day 1 of the conference.

I have no doubt it’s a great experience and as much as you guys are lucky you were invited to participate, PMI is also lucky to have experts like you and others there as you will add lots of value.

Looking forward to Day 2 updates.

Cheers !

Thanks Rami - it's running late here in Philly, so I think I will see how the 1/2 day of day 3 turns out before I write my final article on the conference.

Today was best summarized by Charles Dickens' famous line from A Tale of Two Cities - "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times".

This is my first time attending the PMI Global Conference and it has been so inspiring! What a privilege to meet so many respected colleagues and I have been so impressed by my peers. It's like getting my Project Management battery recharged! Thank you to PMI for creating this excellent event!

Thank you Kiron. Looking forward for the updates.

Thanks for sharing this. Eagerly waiting for the next updates

Hi Kiron, thanks for sharing, as always I look forward to hearing about day 2

Hi Kiron, Thank you for the updates on day 1. I am following the excitement on linkedin and twitter. I am sure it is an exhilarating exerience :)

I hope we can have more of such experiences again soon, in spite of the changes the world is going through. Great for learning and development!

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