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50 Most Influential Projects of the Past 50 Years - BIG THANK YOU

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I wanted to take a moment and thank those that have called me and emailed me about contributing during my role at Internet pioneer NETSCAPE to the #1 Influential Projects of the Past 50 Years – the World Wide Web.  Netscape was the creator of the very first web browser that all but eliminated technical skills from surfing the Internet.  We grew at 65,000 % in under 5 years.  At that point we merged with AOL and about a year later we merged with the multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate, Time Warner.  I was chief strategist at Netscape and worked with many organizations around the world in their efforts to understand and exploit the capabilities of the Internet.  It was by far the greatest job of my career and that is not to short my time at Deloitte and CSC. 

Again thank all of you for your thoughts.

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You and I met when Netscape was our client and we worked on that account together. I remember the day I found out that you joined them and had become their Chief Strategist. Working together during that time was truly fantastic. I am glad we are still working together - 25 years!

We have worked together for decades and that includes your time at Netscape.That was by far your most creative time and I have never seen you happier. Stay well

Our time building the foundation of what we have today and driving the Internet to where it is today was by far the most exciting time of our professional careers. I love reading where you think all of this is headed next. Again Congratulations

Congratulations on NETSCAPE.
How do you feel as Chief Strategist about what happened to the company?

@ Luis I have given much thought to your question over the years. On one hand, we could not remain a start-up our entire life - we had to mature and act like a billion $$ company. That changes things! AND that happened basically overnight when we merged with AOL. On the other hand, many of the future concepts we had for the Internet have yet to become real. There are some really cool concepts that are still floating out there and I hope they become real very soon. One of my team members emailed me a short while ago. She told me that a competitor to one of our strategy customers had just implemented one of the concepts we told our customer they should do in their near-term strategy (about 5 years out) and that was in 2001. Our client did not take our advice. Another customer took our advice and transformed their entire organization just as we recommended. They are a top player in their industry today. Another Netscaper, sent a copy of a letter from Jeff Bezos of Amazon thanking Netscape and others helping them early on in their evolution. Netscape set out to help the world connect with little or no technical know-how. That is still underway. There will never be another company like Netscape. So much came together in that company to achieve our 65,000 growth in under 5 years and create todays foundation. Thanks for the ??

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