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Half a Sextillion Nematodes - Part 2 of 2

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In Part 1, we covered a story about research centered on identifying life on earth by geography, featuring the lowly (literally) nematode.

In this short Part 2, as promised, we’ll briefly discuss lessons learned for project management and more about the connection between AI and Earth.

One lesson learned was clarity of communication, and the potential for misunderstanding.  After one of his reports was summarized in a way that unintentionally, made it look like we could relax in our efforts on climate change, as long as we planted lots of trees.  This was not his intent, but Crowther and his team faced significant criticism for something they didn’t intend to do.  From the article:

Two months on, Crowther is chastened by the furore his paper created among scientists who thought its message might encourage the public to relax about curbing carbon emissions as long as they planted enough trees. “We certainly did our communications a little bit wrong, and we’ve learned from that,” he says. “I want to be extremely clear that cutting greenhouse-gas emissions is absolutely essential if we are going to have any chance to stop climate change.”

Another lesson is that Crowther and his team keep things fun and focus on building teams. From the article:

“…worktops are crowded with clusters of chopped tree parts. In the office that Crowther rejected in favour of a desk in the communal room, four staff hurl themselves around a ping-pong table, playing “the smashing game” — a chaotic version that incorporates walls, ceiling and floor. It is one of several that Crowther invented and prescribes are played daily to break up the mental effort, forge bonds and keep life fun. (see blog post main photo)”

…all of this for a good cause: to gain a baseline of life on earth – trees, worms, whatever.  Here’s a video that shows the good work of this team:

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Dear Richard
Very interesting this video
Thanks for sharing
Let's plant a tree?
Are we going to convince people in our circle of influence to plant a tree?

Very interesting thanks for sharing

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