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How to Beat the Bias Beast

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How to Beat the Bias Beast

By Cyndee Miller

We’ve all done it, made a call based on some bias we might not even be aware of. And no, you are not some magical unicorn exception. We’ve all fallen victim to those pesky cognitive assumptions that can influence the way we approach our work, not to mention the end result of that work.

Take groupthink. You know the drill: Some person—typically someone with an especially commanding air—speaks up first, with conviction, and suddenly the rest of the team is sinking in their chairs.

So how do you break the spell? Make it a point to encourage every team member to raise their considerations “so you don’t have one or two people creating the whole project narrative,” says Manuel Salero Coca, managing director, PIN Technologies, Mexico City, Mexico.

Groupthink isn’t the only trouble spot. You’ve also got success bias, attribution bias, confirmation bias. It’s a lot. So we went to the experts and compiled loads of tips for building the best bias defense in the November issue of PM Network®.

You’ll also get the inside scoop on the 2019 Project of the Year Award winner. Driven by a mission to aim higher, Brazil’s Embraer did something drastic: It disrupted itself. With its new E190-E2 line, Embraer designed, developed and delivered a family of next-gen commercial jets—faster than any aviation company before it.

I went on-site to interview some of the project leaders at Embraer HQ in São José dos Campos, Brazil. And I must say this is impressive stuff. So if you appreciate stellar project management, you might want to check it out. But maybe I’m biased…

Let me know what you think—what’s the top tip you picked up from this issue?

Posted by Cyndee Miller on: November 01, 2019 02:40 PM | Permalink

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Dear Cyndee
Thanks for sharing
I'm going to read PM Network® magazine and I will definitely give my opinion

I have just realized PM Network and I am so excited! Wish me luck!

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